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The World in 2030, What Will Millennials Build?


Come with us on a journey of imagination as we time-travel from the present to a very new fictitious world a decade on. Any resemblance to real events or individuals in what follows is of course pure coincidence.

As history tells it here in 2030, a number of factors converged mainly in 2019 to give rise to some structural changes that ushered in an era of global prosperity.

2019 specifically because there was general optimism within some corners of the potential beginning of a golden age that was to start in 2020.

Mystics had long spoken of a great awakening at the beginning of the new millennium. Yet they purposely confused the masses while informing the few. To the masses they said it was to begin in 2000 or in 2012, yet that was just preparation for the real mystical number: 2020.

It begun in France when the people suddenly rose at the end of 2018. A common occurrence for the time, you might say, but a peculiarity alerted Las Resistance Des Codes as they called themselves.

This was an unknown group which wasn’t really a group. More of spread out individual atoms who perhaps never even talked to each other, yet were bound by an idea which was never, or very rarely, spoken in public.

A priest of the coding revolution had spoken of a disbalance between a coordinating few and the uncoordinating masses. Instead of lifting the uncoordinating masses into coordination, or in addition to it, his idea was to lower the coordinating few to uncoordination.

That was to be done by making their means of coordination difficult through mass leaking of information by everyone, from employees to basement coders.

That idea was enacted in the public resistance against the Iraq War, but after the initial favorable reception, the wise ones asked: where the solution?

The resistance however kept on, but in a very subtle manner through a boiling frog approach. While they were content to let some centralized entity take all the heat, they periodically hacked and leaked or used information in a somewhat long term strategy to let the public know that there are some who gather far too much knowledge and thus far too much power.

Including the regulator of America’s economy who after very sensitive non-public actionable company revenue and profits data were revealed, announced the arrest of some peasants who of course most probably had nothing to do with it.

That was after some argued that regulator had overextended its bounds with the clever ones so providing the proof, which of course had no real effect because: what was the solution?

As often it happens when focus is turned, so focus turns. The hive, as in all spontaneously and on their own, were alerted to a certain uprising in the middle of Europe which was not being covered by anyone.

Why the silence? – the obvious wonder. So it gradually became obvious that this was no ordinary uprising. It was instead the rise of a radical idea which when expressed appears self evident.

As the people took to the streets week after week, the question turned on how there can be a win-win, with the demands so condensed to just two: a jury parliament and citizens referendums.

Yet as time went on it became obvious neither would be given easily. With the golden year approaching, spontaneous leaks began appearing more and more often with the Coders Resistance getting emboldened by the previous wink of the intelligence agencies which had subtly made it clear there was nothing they could do to keep the very few accountable without risking collapse.

The smart ones, in effect, had been asked for help and their task was to now increase the pressure so as to make the cost of not giving the people what they want unbearable, while also not risking collapse.

Their chosen spontaneous and uncoordinated approach, guided merely by thin air ideas, was to assist those on the ground through increasing the level of leakage in the digital realm.

This so reached the point where it became clear even low level civil servants were going to public domain non personally identifiable data in a very modern form of peaceful protest.

Thus, they caved in. On January 20th 2020, the first Yellow Hall Parliamentarians were randomly selected amidst national celebrations that entered the archives of history as the very first peaceful digital revolution.

We shall hail this day of freedom to inspire all ages, one yellow parliamentarian said. With the dust then laying forth the complexity of the task.

To be sovereign, one said, we must unite under one Europe. Like the US states so too our nation-states shall become the United Europe. Otherwise we can not stand to Russia, China or America. Their vassal no more, Europe shall roar.

Tis on January 5th 2022 that the last American soldier left the European shores to wide applause by the Americans and all else for a new world had dawn where the devil’s geopolitics had been shown the door.

The United Europe signed a free trade agreement with China, Russia and America. Arabia finally formed its own alliance in 2025, bringing guns to silence.

Peace was finally queen of all seven seas with freedom prospering in all continents as the millennials now became kings and presidents and Yellow Hall parliamentarians.

The monopolies of old gave way to a far more dynamic economy after the repealing of investment prohibitions by the yellow ones.

That opened start-up investment to all and so allowed meritocracy to gain ground for workers could afford risk-taking far more easily while the smart ones could now gain funds to the pleasure, sometime, of the public investors.

Art flourished as the energized middle class fancied themselves patrons like the old aristocrats with music more for pleasure, rather than dogma slogans to control the mind.

Everywhere, the guilds were being decimated in a gradual transition to a more open world where lemonade licenses had been thrown and replaced with far better checks and balances.

No more was the effect felt that in medicine where the biohacking movement created rockstars through opening medical formulas to all and through even solving some health problems.

While cryptonians ushered in an age of free money, with their business model for open source creating public wonders.

We do have flying cars here, or more correctly, flying moppets. The unleashing of innovation through the uplifting of investment prohibitions had some unexpected positive consequences.

The most absurd ideas found funding. Tis impossible has now become a meme for so often it was said and so often it was proven wrong that few now dare mention the word while still saying the same but in a more roundabout way.

As an example, no one thought mirrors – though used so utterly finely and in such a sophisticated communication system (as we now accept) – could provide us with pretty much a livestream of a robot nearing Andromeda.

The robot is no where near the galaxy with many still struggling to unpack how this all works, but some eccentrics took a bet on some boy genius and they swear this mirrors system is the future.

It’s just one of many recent advancements that makes our children wonder how on earth there was ever a time when few billionaires could decide what is wrong or right, with the latter being always to their benefit primarily.

And if you ask the few old rulers that still live or indeed the then billionaires still around if they would, on a personal level as far they only are concerned, if they’d go back to the old times, they’d just laugh.

For the beginning of the golden age by some heroes we have immortalized in statues even though many of them still walk, was of great benefit to all.

General representation is simply better and far more productive for it is conducive of that other thing they never spoke of back then: the yellow spirit.

The freedom of autonomy is the ultimate placebo which has unleashed wonders for decades, if not centuries, to come for the lifting of that weight and that veil in 2019, their restructuring towards an optimistic world, is for many where a new golden age begun.



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