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Drug Gang Busted, Crypto Seized


Two women and one man have been arrested for selling drugs over the Dark Web with an unspecified amount of cryptocurrency seized.

Australian authorities said in a statement “initial inquiries indicate that more than $17 million has been transacted through the wallets in recent years.”

They have seized a Lexus, a Mercedes-Benz, and a Ford Falcon in addition to more than $80,000 in cash as well as cryptocurrencies “which are alleged to be the proceeds of crime.”

Analysis of the wallets are on-going, making it unclear how much they have actually seized, with the group described as technologically sophisticated.

“Police will allege in court that the man was operating as an online vendor on the Dark Web and supplying prohibited drugs, including cocaine, MDMA, LSD, cannabis, methylamphetamine (ice), amphetamine, and prescription medication,” they say.

The 24-year-old Callala Bay and the 20-year-old Quakers Hil, both women, as well as the 25-year-old Callala Beach, a man, are being detained and have been refused bail.

In unrelated news, Turkish police has arrested 24 individuals allegedly involved in a hack of a crypto exchange through SIM swapping with $2.4 million allegedly stolen.

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