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Will Elon Musk Send Bitcoin and Ethereum to Mars?


“Advanced, reusable rockets are all we need to become a multiplanet civilization. Once we have a city on Mars, interplanetary travel will create a forcing function for vast improvements in spaceflight.”

So says Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, as well as one of the most inspiring leader of this generation.

“Should focus on reusable rockets for purpose of a permanent human base on the moon and self-sustaining city on Mars,” he said.

With our nice city now secured, we’re headed to Alpha Centauri. “Anti-matter production would require vast amounts of energy. No need though. We have a super reliable, massive, free fusion reactor called the sun,” says Musk.

“Can’t we use the energy of the Sun to create anti-matter, and use that for interstellar travel?” someone asks. Yes, was his straight reply.

So we now have a plan, but all that spacecraft stuff with anti-matter interstellar travel is a bit boring. The more important question might be how do we get a node to run on Mars, specifically a bitcoin or eth node.

Obviously we can cheat. Musk has a bit of bitcoin he has been hodling safely for several years, so he can send the private key to the Mars City and we can all say bitcoin has gone to Mars.

Luke-Jr, however, says its not bitcoin if you don’t run a node. So speculating with almost no scientific knowledge on how we can do so might be interesting.

Well, we can start first with near space, all the satellites beaming down to earth. There is one by Blockstream that “runs” a bitcoin node and can keep you connected to the network even without internet access.

A human base on the moon is a very difficult endeavor, but if travel times fall considerably, it might be manageable. We thus can have a satellite circling the moon, so the earth one can speak to the moon satellite.

As we travel through space, so we leave a few men or women and a satellite behind. Through those satellites then, one presumably can talk great distance within a reasonable time frame.

Now a full node might not be realistic for this century, although who knows. A light wallet, however, which only connects to the network from Mars, might be possible in perhaps half a century or so when this generation is at its peak of power in as far as most would be in their 70s, thus presidents and so on.

That might not satisfy Luke-Jr, but it is quite an incredible dream to envision a day when a bitcoin transaction is performed from Mars.

Can Musk achieve it? Not on his own. An entire generation will have to demand peace, so we don’t waste our resources. The fight to liberate paywalled scientific documents at least for those in developing countries needs to do a bit better so that global education, and thus productivity and capability, can increase. The organs of governance need to become a bit more responsive. The Short-sellers Enrichment Commission, for example, needs reforms.

Yet for all the many complaints, the human civilization is generally going in the right direction. By most statistics, things are getting better overall. We may thus well enjoy the inception of the beginning of an inter-planetary species.

A task that is fun and entertaining on its own for who doesn’t enjoy watching those livestreamed rockets fly outside the globe.

Some might say it’s all a waste of money and resources, but god knows how much we spend on entertainment as a species. Just the latest movie probably makes billions. Well, what’s more entertaining than playing with big toys and satellites and anti-matter and all the wonders of the universe.

In the process our technology should advance due to the constraints of necessity to the point we may well reach a stage within our lifetime when we can witness the very first bitcoin transaction from Mars.

So hodl that 0.25 BTC Musk, take it with you if you go, or send it with the first explorers of the red planet.

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  1. no no!!!+
    mars is too far away! 12.5 light minutes, the universal speed constant, is larger than the average bitcoin block creation time.

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