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Ethereum Hardforks Successfully


Ethereum has just successfully upgrade to Constantinople with the new rules now live, including a reduction of new supply from 3eth per block to 2eth.

The fork went smoothly as far as we can see without any problems. The two main ethereum clients, Geth and Parity, have stayed in sync, with miners, node operators and businesses now upgraded to the new chain.

After much wrangling and some delays, there were no jitters at a technical level except that a fork watch site went down about three minutes prior to the fork. DDoS perhaps.

Traders showed some excitement as well with bitcoin quickly rising by $100 and quickly falling by as much earlier today.

Constantinople ethereum upgrade keeps Geth and Parity in sync, Feb 2019.

“Historically and logically we’re far more likely to have a problem caused by a fork some unknowable time after the fork block, rather than at the fork block itself,” Nick Johnson of ENS publicly said to sooth Lane Rettig who reported for Constantinople watchtower duty.

The Cat Herders had apparently herded the miners prior to the fork to avoid a potential repeat of lazy upgrading as was seen when the Constantinople testnet launched in October.

Now it’s all over. After about two years, ethereum has seen an upgrade. Blocktimes will return to normal. Miners will receive about 7,000 eth, worth close to $1 million, less per day. Some devs will enjoy more efficient techniques for second layer set-ups that can avoid going to the blockchain “court” even more than previously.

The Beacon chain testnet is to follow in March, with a race heating up in the blockchain space to solve scalability.

Even bitcoin has now joined as an “invisible” boom of sorts appears to be afoot for stupendously techy coders who are busy this year with complex equations at the dawn of a new era for blockchain science that sees talent demand grow 500% in 2018.

Divided as they may be, “we will solve” the scalability problem is what does unite them as cryptos race towards mainstream after passing the tipping point in 2017-18.



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