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A $3 Trillion EOS Transaction Fools Whale Alert


An account tracking blockchain movements with 53,000 followers told the world that 1 trillion EOS, worth close to $4 trillion dollars, had just moved.

How you like paying off 20% of the debt Mr Trump, said 4chan. We suspect them kids are at it again, but according to Whale Alert:

“An EOS user named “fuckhacker.x” figured out how to create a large fake transaction, but it seems EOS was able to detect it. Unfortunately, the transaction was broadcasted before it was removed. We have built in an extra check to prevent it from happening again.”

Even if EOS had not detected it, their cartel could have just reversed the transaction, unless one of their cartel members defects and then you have millions stolen.

The 1 trillion eos transaction that never happened, March 2019.

That transaction never happened, but Whale Alert was fooled into believing it did. That’s because of something called deferred transactions.

As the name suggests, you can tell someone that you will pay them later, but you might not pay them. “There is no guarantee that a deferred action will be executed.” An EOS cartel member Block Producer says:

Wall Street 4Chan Ratcheting Up FUD?

There appears to be some sort of coordinated fear-mongering in one of the very few online spaces where free speech still sort of exists without dictator mods.

The kids, probable wall street traders, 4chaners are apparently worried about Wednesday when Wall Street futures close on CBOE which handles relatively low volumes of $5 million compared to CME’s circa $100 million bitcoin futures trading volumes per day.

That’s after ₿60,000 was moved recently with 4channers, and only 4chan, crying doom. Now whether that actually means moon, or it does mean doom, or whether it doesn’t mean anything at all with price continuing to move horizontally, remains to be seen.

But it may be that to aid in that narrative we have this cool $3 trillion which fortunately or unfortunately doesn’t quite exist Mr Trump, so you’ll have to cut spending, increase taxes, grow the economy, or just keep borrowing.

At least the kids are playing again though. Been some time since such shenanigans, so maybe spring is bringing out the whales (featured image not related).

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