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Bitcoin Cash Developer Leaves Bitcoin Unlimited


A longstanding big blocker, a Bitcoin Cash developer and a “founding” member of Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) has resigned his membership of BU over what he says is a muted response to a lawsuit by apparent BSV supporters. Antony Zegers says:

“I have decided that I would no longer like to be a member of Bitcoin Unlimited. The reason is that I feel Bitcoin Unlimited, as an organization, is too closely associated with the Bitcoin SV community…

Using a frivolous lawsuit to target [BCH devs] with the force of law in this manner is despicable worthy of condemnation. While the parties responsible for this aggression seem to be shrouded in mystery, they represent a part of the BSV community. At a minimum, I think it’s fair to say that the BSV community has not taken a strong stand condemning the lawsuit.

There are several people within the Bitcoin Unlimited membership whom I respect and consider my friends. But there are also many BSV supporters, and others willing to accommodate and enable the BSV community.

As a whole, I feel that Bitcoin Unlimited has been ineffective at countering BSV. I don’t want to associate myself with BSV in any way, and because of this I feel that I must separate myself from Bitcoin Unlimited.”

Bitcoin Unlimited has seemingly taken a stance of neutrality with their client supporting the BSV chain and BCH. Andrew Stone, lead dev of BU, says in response:

“I personally think that the lawsuit is completely inappropriate, is intended as an intimidation technique, and call on whoever is behind it to stop. If you won’t stop out of decency, then do so for the good of the BSV coin, since I believe your behavior will push away developers and investors.

Perhaps not coincidentally, another reasonably well known member of the ABC community has come to me in the last few days with a similar “if you are not 100% with us you are against us” mentality…

I think that some people may think that I am indecisive because I’ve steered BU to offer a compromise. But I think that you should take your schoolyard tribalism and shove it up your a**es.”

A number of BU members have expressed support for BSV in part because some BU devs echoed some of the criticisms made by what then became BSV through a chain-split in November.

That chain-split went through without problems at a technical level, but BSV supporters were under the mistaken belief that hashpower has any say over the rules of code, which it doesn’t.

They claimed they’d be able to force their own code on BitcoinABC clients through chain reorgs or 51% attacks, but of course they weren’t able to do so.

Nor did they even try. They claim a checkpoint in the BitcoinABC chain made it impossible. Thus Calvin Ayre, a billionaire and the biggest backer of BSV, said a week or two after the chain-split:

About a week or two later, a company no one had heard of in the crypto space, United American Corp (UnitedCorp) filed a lawsuit against Bitmain Group,, Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Kraken, Jesse Powell, Amaury Sechet, Shammah Chancellor and Jason Cox.

It appears Roger Ver took the effort of responding to the lawsuit, showing he has spent some $76,000 in legal fees so far. In addition, it appears Kraken, Bitmain and Shammah Chancellor have responded.

Now UnitedCorp has filed an opposition to dismiss the lawsuit, stating “the opposition was filed after the Defendants filed a motion to dismiss the UnitedCorp action on February 1st 2019.”

UnitedCorp alleges the defendants “hijacked” BCH by “forcing the implementation of Bitcoin ABC software centric checkpoints.”

They don’t explain in their statement what’s any of this gotta do with them. A description by Reuters says they’re some Telecom company, but in describing itself, UnitedCorp says:

“The company currently holds the rights to manage a portfolio of patents and proprietary technology in telecommunications, social media and Blockchain technology, and owns and operates the BlockchainDomes which are designed to provide heat for agricultural operations using computer equipment in naturally cooled data centers where efficiency and low-cost operations are a priority.”

Calvin Ayre runs a mining farm so he might be using these BlockchainDomes. Craig Wright has somehow managed to claim a number of blockchain related patents. Whether they’ve now been sold to this company, or whether the patents were actually by or for this company, is not very clear.

What is very clear, however, is that this company intends to pursue this lawsuit. UnitedCorp President Benoit Lalibert says:

“Should any of the counts in our suit actually be dismissed, the complaint will be amended as appropriate. One way or another we intend to compel Mr. Ver, Mr. Chancellor and other co-Defendants to provide depositions under oath in the US in the near future.”

They’ve hired some very expensive lawyers, Akerman LLP, with these buffoons now apparently intending to continue a “debate” that was settled through a chain split.

Presumably they don’t have much coding skill or even a vision for their BSV chain, while BCH moves forward with implementing Schnorr Signatures before even Bitcoin Core.

So perhaps to distract from their irrelevance they’re now maybe looking for some cheap PR through the court system.



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