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As Britain, Europe and the world stands at crossroads with historic events currently unfolding, our muses have take our pen and compel our commentary on what undoubtedly is the biggest issue currently facing this generation. A poem for your pleasure, our very own:

You tired mother
that still sits strong
with your ages
forehead shown
and your body
energy old
while your face
youth reverberates.

As you watch
your children scatter
new times, new world, new hopes, new wants
queen of centuries
you stand silent.

Oh the times,
oh the troubles
ah the pleasures,
yay the glories.

Stand mother
lift your head
queen of England
queen of lands.

Your deep thoughts
our hearts break
Magna Carta
in our hands.

Blue eyes
now so covered
as your face,
ground stares.

Democracy runs
hate and terror
all around
dreams slipping
from our hands
stand mother.

Explorer all around
fierceless mind
always breaking
new ground
for the betterment
of mankind.

Do not leave us now
when you worked so hard
to build this paradise
of god.

Stand mother
beaten hard
by centuries
of time
with now chains
you queen
of seven lands.

Stand mother
look in the eye
darkness banish
chains break wra
take courage
and heart
hold the candle light
for millennials to come about
lead the wretched ones
from the pits of hell they stand
to paradise in our lands.

Stand mother
strong and proud
not real chains
on your hands.

Stand mother
liberator of man.

for paradise
for freedom tonight
your blue eyes
stand mother.

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