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Tesla Winner Flashed on Video Before Draw, Just a Glitch Says Justin Sun


Tron’s founder Justin Sun ostensibly held a Tesla giveaway with the lucky winner to be picked from those who follow and retweet him.

The “winner” was picked yesterday in a video where Sun uses TWrench for the draw. Sun then shows the site picking someone called Uzgaroth.


Within a few hours it was shown that there were quite a few problems with this draw, including suggestions that it appears to be fake not least because Uzgaroth’s twitter page flashed on screen about a minute or so before the actual draw.

In acknowledging there were problems, Justin Sun publicly said on twitter there was some sort of glitch:

He doesn’t say there was any problem with the draw itself, but just with the video compression. Nonetheless, he has deleted any mention of Uzgaroth wining, and has removed the video.



Mistakes happen, but there’s something which indicates this might have not been quite a mistake.

The video has been saved so we can see there’s a follower of Uzgaroth who Justin Sun knows. That means Sun is following an account that has as a profile image a black background with a few blue squares in it. This same account is also following Uzgaroth.

Going through who Sun follows, we couldn’t find this account which he was following just yesterday. Going through Uzgaroth’s followers, it appears to be RareDogCity.

That’s a blockchain gaming project focusing on Tron. They appear to do many giveaways for their games, with it overall being something you’d expect Sun to follow. Why he suddenly decided to unfollow them, however, is not clear.

That’s just one piece of the puzzle to show this giveaway might have not been very random. Now, it appears there won’t be a giveaway at all.

He might still keep his new followers, however, half of which appear to be bots, with an entire spreadsheet now listing some 30,000 new Sun followers from accounts which were created just this month.

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