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“We Don’t Want the Pretty Tesla to go to Some Bots” Says Justin Sun After Winner Cries Scam


After we revealed half of Justin Sun’s new followers are fake, Tron’s founder has effectively admitted as much following one of the most peculiar prize giveaway.


Sun said he’s sorry. “The team has come to the conclusion that non-livestream methods to determine the winner may cause ambiguity and controversy.”

Awww. What on earth is going on? Well, we think we have probably figured it out.

First, as you probably read yesterday, Sun used Twrench to have the draw. The first draw, however, was a bot. So they have another draw, and 80 more.

Perhaps they filmed all this 80 times (press F) and then probably decided to go with our Uzgaroth boy here, winner of draw number 54.

As we showed yesterday, a Twitter account that Sun follows (or used to before yesterday) happens to be following Uzgaroth. So presumably that made them fairly sure that this man is an actual human, rather than a bot.

Then they flash on video Uzgaroth’s twitter page before having the draw. Something which probably made people look further into it.

As this was obviously pre-recorded, presumably the video editor messed up somewhere. With it all coming to light, Sun deleted everything.

Uzgaroth then understandably gets angry, having his hopes raised like that and crashed down. What he gone tell his boy now?

Well, if Justin Sun was being honest, he’d probably say: just bots problems. What you gone do. So many fake followers. S**t appens. Here the ticket to see me drive the nice car in Malta.

So now there’s a new winner. Someone from Vietnam. How many times they had the draw this time to not land on a bot, who knows, but the new rules say bots not allowed, so many draws are ok now.

If we had the resources we’d go interview that six year old boy. Imagine if Uzgaroth now puts him on video crying about the Tesla.

He does seem genuine after all. You don’t just crash someone’s hopes like that just because so many of your followers are bots Justin.

Sun’s bots problems, not his. Give him the Tesla. And a small one for the boy. And one to the Vietnamese guy. And then no more giveaways.

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  1. When will westerners ever learn that most of China-based projects are by default to scam and to cheat? Long gone were the days where China was a civilized kingdom. Today in this modern world, most of China is barbaric.

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