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Tron to Collaborate with Japanese Government “If Any Tron Dapps Violate Japanese Laws”


Justin Son, file photo.

The Tron Foundation has announced they will “collaborate with Japanese government and provide necessary support if any tron dapps violate Japanese laws and regulations.”

The statement made on Friday suggests tron might ban gambling dapps targeting Japan, with the foundation stating “tron suggests Japanese dapp developers not develop any gambling dapps on tron’s platform.”

They say “tron strictly conforms with relevant laws and regulations in Japan [and] tron¬†does not encourage or recommend any gambling dapps regarding the Japanese market.”

What prompted this statement is unclear with Justin Sun, Tron’s founder, not responding in time for publishing.

Tron, however, is a fairly centralized blockchain that in its consensus design is pretty much a copy paste of EOS.

That is, Tron has a number of Block Producers (BP) who effectively can decide ownership, validity and pretty much anything.

Justin Sun himself is a Block Producer, with BPs in EOS reversing or freezing ownership a number of times.

Presumably they could also ban or invalidate a dapp if they wish, with gambling dapps dominating the tron network so far.

Unlike in ethereum where there are about 10,000 nodes which have to collude for the rules to be changed, in tron the 27 representatives can change them.

Tron too has light nodes, about 1,000 of them, but they don’t have a say in consensus formation or in validity, they’re sort of SPV wallets that just get told what the “truth” is.

While in ethereum or bitcoin and other decentralized public blockchains, each of the 10,000 nodes can reject a block if it breaches the rules of the code.

In tron, part of the rules of the code state that BPs or Super Representatives as they call them can say what the rules are, so if they want to change ownership or if they want to ban a dapp, there’s little that can be done in tron except for voting the BPs out.

That means authorities can go to Tron or to these BPs and ask them to do things, while if they go to the Ethereum Foundation, people would just not run the code. Likewise if they go to miners, miners would clarify that they can’t change the code.

It is not clear whether Japanese authorities have reached out to the Tron Foundation and thus prompted this statement, with Tron saying dapps can just ban Japanese IPs.



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