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Dogecoin No Longer Worth 1 Doge


1 doge now equals 2 doge thanks to a new hard fork.

Dogecoin’s sole remaining active developer and lifelong devotee, Jackson Palmer, has announced an imminent hardfork to commence at block 2,666,667 on April 2. The purpose of this hardfork will be to raise the value of 1 doge, from 1 doge to 2 doge.

The total outstanding supply will not be changed, and the coin will continue to be merge-mined with LTC.

User’s balances and miner rewards also will not change, but the worth of each doge will simply increase by a factor of two as measured in comparison to other dogecoins.

We have received rumors of a revolt from within the Dogecoin community, some of whom strongly feel that 1 Doge should still equal 1 Doge. There are fears that this sudden move may result in the creation of Dogecoin Classic.

This is breaking news, we will update as more details become available.

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  1. Ahhh yes get that sweet ad revenue by just making a stupid fucking April fools article.

  2. I think it’s confirmed now. Majority of people are idiots. Doge up 20% due to an April fools joke.

  3. nice one

  4. i am a bit late though

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