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The muses have taken our pen, and our words do compel, for a hymn to the most beautiful creature, and of course our very own poem:

for years
up the trees
trembling and scared
alone in this life
but that instinct of heart
fearing birds
even insects
day and night
dreaming of the day one can fly
sleaping sound
it’s aright.

If eaten
will live once more
sleep tight.

Beautiful cute young one
crawling day and night
eating grass
inferior to everyone
shutted down
by birds and insects alike
and yet industrious man
climbing trees
and hiding around.

Oh if i had wings
I’d fly so high
I’d meet the sky
and show my beauty about
flap and flap
to the heaven stars
but a nobody tonight
no ones friend
looked down
like vermin
just cus my legs look alike
just cus my body
just cus I eat same grass
just cus I can be the same sort of food to some
but I can fly
I think
I hope
I wish
muh bodeh says thus
it must be
or there is no reality.

I shall dream
on balance
so I’ll sleep sound
hiding here
eating grass.

And so the days go
and my awareness rises
poor among all
Looked down and I give the eye
shufing shufing through my legs
you’ll see
I’ll butterfly
I’ll roam free
I’ll meet the stars
your spit here
I’ll take today
for your threats
I will shiver
I’m nobode
I am nothing
King Lear
beat me
I will run
tear appart my mind
I will stand
take my heart
I’ll still eat grass
maybe I’ll never rise
maybe I’m foolish to even think I can.

Maybe it’s all my fault
maybe it’s I wrong.

Maybe I deserve to be hunted
weak and meak
food for birds
that cicaro
and domineer us all
with their defning voice
commanding tone
indiscriminate beak
they want my blood
just cus I too eat leafs
they want my heart
and when I shout no one hears
I must shut up
the cicaros ree
I’ll climb trees and I’ll grass
beg your parddon your majesty
please spare muh life
your fethers golden
of god
y not eat proper vernom
you king of landds
and so the years
the knowledge gains
when all alone
with no one
when thrown from trees and from leafs
when broken in appearance but utterly strong
when free of mind and readdy of heart
to become god
the wings appear
as if from nothing
of colour bright and beauty light
and there the flapp, and flapp flapp flapp.

Out of the tree out of misery out of all those who done it wrong
and into the summer blue sky and into a new world
where in joy he flapps and flapps
and even pretator gats now only play to try and catch
for who could really touch
this beauty of our lands.

It’s just a beautiful word
for the transformation of butterfly.

Editorial Copyrights Trustnodes.com


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