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Tons of Bitcoin Food Aid Given to Venezuelans


A chicken for every house in a Venezuelan impoverished town of 5,000. 

Some 14 tons of food has been bought with bitcoin and has been delivered to Venezuelans in aid by a crypto project called Bitcoin Interest (BCI) which appears to be a new cryptocurrency.

The food was bought with bitcoin. We’ll quote at length their story so that it is far more readable, with any name used being a pseudonym:

“Sending aid to Venezuela is almost impossible. Just recently 280 tons of aid were sent there only to go up in flames at the border.

We decided as a team to leverage the power of cryptocurrency to solve the cash issue since crypto is borderless and can move all around the world.

We all pulled together personal funds to help fund this endeavor. We purchased some Bitcoin.

We developed a plan with Carlos, a Venezuelan resident encountered through the crypto mining scene, to send him the Bitcoin and have him purchase everything he could from local markets and stores.

We managed to find local vendors who were so happy to hear of our efforts that they offered us amazing discounts.

By the time it was all said and done, we ended up with 5,000kg (11,023 lbs) of chicken and 7,500kg (16,534 lbs) of rice and corn flour. Enough chickens were purchased for each person in the town.

Carlos got two massive food trucks to get the food and deliver it. He also managed to get an amazing group of volunteers who worked free of charge to help deliver these items to the people of Venezuela.

We met some issues with the local army and police detaining the food trucks and Carlos, asking where food came from as they thought it was coming from the US Government.

Carlos had proof to show everything came from within their country and not from the outside.

After hours of being withheld, they were finally let go and began delivering the food street by street and house by house.

Food aid paid in bitcoin given to Venezuelans, April 2019.

It didn’t take long for people in his town to hear about it and soon they went looking for the trucks giving out free food. People were walking miles to come get some, but we assured them every street would be visited and every house.

Carlos was nice enough to document this aid delivery, sending us photos and all kind of things showing all the great things he was able to accomplish with just a bit of help.”

We haven’t verified the story itself, but numerous photos are shown detailing the handing out of food aid to Venezuelans.



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  1. I feel so bad for the Venezuelans being in this situation. I hope it gets solved fast.

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