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Changpeng Zhao Threatens to Delist BSV


Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s founder and CEO, has threatened to delist BSV following a threatened lawsuit of Hodlonaut – of the Lightning Torch fame – by Craig Wright, a person who Vitalik Buterin has publicly called “a fraud.”

Apparently Hodlonaut called Craig Wright a fraud too as the Australian claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto and has tried to pass off the MT Gox coins as being his to “prove” he is the bitcoin inventor.

Now Wright’s lawyers have demanded Hodlonaut retracts his statements and deletes all the tweets where he called Craig Wright a fraud.

Sadly, Hodlonaut has deleted his twitter account completely with it currently showing as no longer existing.

We had a brief encounter with Hodlonaut after taking the Lightning Torch to effectively test-run the Lightning Network, with the – presumably – man behind this account appearing quite kind and decent while being able to create a somewhat festive atmosphere in a corner of the bitcoin space in addition to donating quite a bit of bitcoins to Venezuelans in need.

Regardless of anyone’s views on which network or which tech is the best, the entire crypto space is now a bit poorer.

Craig Wright, perhaps single handedly, caused a massive crash in the entire crypto space in November 2018 after what we called the worst fork ever.

There is an entire github page detailing numerous rebuttals of Craig Wright’s claims while providing significant evidence to show this man is not the bitcoin inventor.

BSV supporters have also filed a lawsuit against Bitcoin Cash developers. That is seemingly precipitating a split of sorts between the ABC client and the BU client.

It is probably no exaggeration to say Craig Wright is likely the most hated man in the crypto space by far. Mark Karpeles by comparison is just a poor kid that couldn’t handle the stupendous growth in bitcoin adoption at the very early years.

In addition, the many faults of Karpeles do at least have one good. He did provide an exchange in the very early days and a semi-convenient mean of buying bitcoin on MT Gox, propelling adoption in the process although in a very bumpy way to put it mildly.

Craig Wright on the other hand doesn’t have one achievement. He sucks value. He crashed the crypto market.



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