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The First Crypto Hollywood Movie Debuts


Crypto has made it to Hollywood with the first professional movie covering this space debuting on Friday in New York City.

The cast has some big names, like Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel, Luke Hemsworth, Jill Hennessy and Vincent Kartheiser, with the story line subtly referencing potentially real life money laundering through crypto in the now defunct exchange BTC-e.

A promising young New York money-manager (pictured above) is sent to his home town where he inadvertently discovers money laundering in an art gallery with the story then seemingly developing to include the Russian Army itself according to the trailer.

That puts his life at risk and that of his family with shooting scenes and all the rest.

It looks bland on the surface and some of the first reviews are mixed at best. LA Times says:

“The characters all feel like they’ve been copied and pasted from hundreds of other movies that end with armed standoffs in some featureless field or warehouse.

The coveted currency may be shiny and new. The machinations of the heroes and villains are so old they creak.”

Another reviewer says: “This movie is noir look at crypto currency in small town America. Morality vs money, death of small town morals by cyber thieves. Basic family values pitted against large corporations and technology.”

While someone adds: “If you gotta watch it then watch it with full concentration. It helps to understand the plot when you are a crypto buff.!”

There are far too many stories to tell about crypto, with the choice of subject here as creative as the movie’s title “Crypto.”

The message appears to be pretty much non existent beyond a subtle scapegoating of Russians as bad guys.

After looking at the trailer, you wonder why you’d watch the whole film. “Some movies go straight to DVD, while others go straight to the trash can. I think this is one of the latter,” says a movie buff.

Crypto, in many ways, is simply the latest indication of just how much Hollywood has fallen and how creativity has almost completely left the movie studio.

A plain telling of the actual crypto story would have been far more interesting and far more worthy of the title. The banking collapse, the protests, the cypherpunks, the launch of the whitepaper, the entrance of Wikileaks and departure of Nakamoto, Karpeles and his early efforts at MT Gox, it’s fall, the discovery of the 200,000 gox coins, the blocksize wars, the blockchain race, the rise of ethereum, the 2017 party, the fall and then presumably the revival.

Such epic, however, and perhaps such potential classic, requires actual talented writers, and requires a Hollywood that fosters freedom of thought.

Nonetheless, this movie is the latest in the cultural ascendance of cryptocurrencies. Many more may well follow.



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