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Uproar as FIFA Gaming Card Made Virtually Extinct, Ethereum Version When?


Fans of FIFA 19 are outraged over a new announcement by EA that makes certain game cards virtually extinct.

FIFA 19 is one of the most popular game in the world, with it containing a number of packs that are bought with coins. Coins being an in-game currency rather than a crypto or token, buyable with fiat.

They recently launched Prime Icon Moments. These are football players in their prime, like Diego Maradona’s goal of the century in 1986.

These cards can be earned as reward, but the best player in FIFA19, Prime Icon Moments Ronaldo Nazario, costs 15 million FIFA coins.

To earn this in-game, it would take 100 weeks. What’s more, EA releases a new FIFA game yearly. The other option is to buy these coins at the cost of $10,000, but the problem is almost no one is putting up Ronaldo for sale.

Those who have the card can put Ronaldo in his prime in a team and then play as normal. An industry paper says:

“I had a look on the PS4 auction house today and found just one Brazilian Ronaldo’s Prime Icon Moment card for sale at 15m FIFA Coins. The auction ended with no bids, so the card was pulled from sale.”

EA has now announced the final squad building challenge (SBC) for Icons. These are a series of tasks that reward users with lucrative coins, packs and special items. The problem is Prime Icon Moments Ronaldo Nazario and other likewise cards won’t be available as a reward.

In effect, getting the best player is now virtually impossible, leading to an outrage in the FIFA gaming community.

An Ethereum Solution?

The stated problem in this case is that the card is too valuable and not affordable, with EA stating “the cost of some Prime ICON Moments are above the threshold that we aim for an ICON SBC.”

Such cost is apparently based on market demand, with the other aspect here being that the game effectively ends each year as a new one is released.

Close to a billion dollars a year is apparently spent on these in-game items for FIFA19. After all that effort the grinders will now still not be able to compete at the very top level.

Had this been on the blockchain, the rules would have been a lot more clear and not as easily changeable.

That can have the downside of not being able to remove a card that doesn’t do well, for example, but the solution to that is to have a trial period after which the rules are frozen.

The benefit is that no one can then remove the card or lower/increase it in quantity or change for what reward or in what package it is available.

That tokenized card aspect runs on the blockchain. The graphics and the rest is then on hosted servers and so on. Meaning only the aspects that concern the ownership and the availability of the card would be different.

There are a number of start-up gaming studious trying to tokenize items so as to offer more transparency and certainty and so as to potentially avoid such uproars which do happen a bit frequently.

Whether a FIFA gaming version of it will catch on, remains to be seen.

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