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ShapeShift to Delist BSV, Kraken Thinking About It


One of the few remaining crypto broker-exchange that doesn’t require identification, ShapeShift, has stated they are to delist BSV, a chain-split coin that broke from Bitcoin Cash this November.

“We stand with Binance and Changpeng Zhao’s sentiments. We’ve decided to delist Bitcoin SV, BSV, from ShapeShift within 48 hrs,” said Erik Voorhees (pictured left), founder and CEO of ShapeShift as well as a very early bitcoin adopter.

Kraken too has indicated a potential inclination to delist. One of the biggest crypto exchange had a poll where some 75% of 22,000 votes are of the view they should remove BSV at the time of writing.

This stupendous turn of events comes after Craig Wright, who many say has fraudulently claimed he is bitcoin’s inventor – Satoshi Nakamoto himself – sent lawyers around threatening with suing anyone who called him a fraud.

Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, became the latest to call Wright a fraud, with Wright being an alleged scammer from Australia who apparently fooled the Australian Tax Office (ATO) into giving him millions based on his claims that he is Nakamoto and based on his claims that he has some supercomputer used for research, thus is eligible for tax-payer rebates and tax breaks.

No evidence of the supercomputer exists and a mountain of evidence that there is no such supercomputer was presented when this matter first became relevant.

Whatever happened to that ATO investigation, however, is not clear. They raided his house in Australia in 2017 when he first came to public view, but since then, the authorities have been silent.

Craig Wright, in contrast, has been very loud. He threatened to 51% attack BCH in November, causing a crypto wide crash that made bankrupt, or just about bankrupt, many crypto businesses.

Unsatisfied with this disaster, the alleged scammer then went off to threaten cryptonians with court action, driving out the creator of the Lightning Torch, an individual that was focused on creating a happy atmosphere in a corner of the bitcoin ecosystem.

That turned attention again to the most hated man in crypto, Wright, who perhaps has now outwitted himself as his coin potentially faces delisting from all exchanges, with this man thus potentially, perhaps by a miracle, being kicked out of this space.



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