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News of News For Bears and Bulls


Green greets most cryptos today with gains for once somewhat retained at least so far this spring.

Ethereum, however, has been reluctant to overtake $180 and stay above it. Something which you’d think would be weighing a bit on bitcoin, but the latter has been dragging eth through tooth and nail and at times has just left it a bit behind.

That can have opportunities. What is too undervalued might angrily become perhaps even too overvalued. Whether eth is the former or will care for the latter, however, time will tell.

This is news of news where we clear the desk and today there is quite a bit of spring cleaning. Let’s start with Watts Wagons.

“Volkswagen has joined an industry initiative for responsible purchasing of strategic minerals, especially cobalt…

Among other things, the cooperation gives members of the responsible sourcing network a better insight into the origin of cobalt, which is in high demand for its use in lithium-ion batteries that power a wide range of products such as laptops, mobile devices and electric vehicles…

The blockchain group was formed in January of this year and intends to run a pilot built on the IBM Blockchain Platform and powered by the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric…

Volkswagen will be joining the ranks of companies such as Ford Motor Company, Huayou Cobalt, IBM, LG Chem and RCS Global. As one of the world’s largest automotive OEMs with suppliers and production facilities worldwide, Volkswagen Group aims to contribute its knowledge of sustainability in supplier relations and mineral sourcing at a global scale.”

So they say. Hyperledger because obviously you can’t do this on ethereum at scale, but you could do it on a Proof of Authority (PoA) ethereum testnet, which is basically a public blockchain that can be customized as you like.

There is no decentralized open source version of a private ethereum blockchain as far as we are aware ala Hyperledger style because the incentives are not quite there to do the coding work for free.

For IBM, it’s an upfront investment with the hope it pays in the future through consulting fees or whatever, but for an artisan private blockchain project, well you just change a parameter in the code.

“The growing use of blockchain across Asia-Pacific excluding Japan (APeJ) is set to continue, with spending on the technology slated to grow by over 80% this year, according to industry estimates.

A report released by IDC predicts blockchain spending in APeJ will reach nearly $523.8m in 2019, an increase of 83.9% from the $284.8m spent in 2018.

By 2022, blockchain spending in the region – 70% of which will be in China – is expected to hit a five-year high of $2.4bn, representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 77.5%.”

Where’s the token for this? It even has a ticker already, APE or APJ. Who needs SEC permission when you can have some token with a smart contract and a bit of an Oracle.

“Cryptojacking Fluctuates Along with Cryptocurrency Values.” Lol, nuff said.

“A resort in eastern Switzerland is encouraging skiers to take an ownership stake through digital micro-shares. The Weisse Arena Gruppeexternal link (WAG), which runs the Flims Laax Faleraexternal link resort, is issuing these shares on a distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. Loyal customers are rewarded with stakes in the company when, for instance, they buy annual ski passes…

The ski resort also plans to issue its own cryptocurrency, GURU (Greatest User Return Unit), a kind of private money to be used at the resort’s facilities. People converting their francs to GURU would be offered discounts in restaurants or other facilities if they pay with the tokens.”

The ticker name might have been cool if it was some other project, but skiing on guru snow? Who knows, maybeh.

“An Ontario judge says a father may provide redacted disclosures of his cryptocurrency assets in a child support dispute.

The father and respondent told the court that there was ‘a substantial risk that production of information could lead to attacks and give third parties the ability to access and perhaps steal these assets,’ according to the April 5 Superior Court of Justice decision, M.M.D. v. J.A.H., 2019 ONSC 2208.”

Family proceedings are usually private in British courts, so what this means exactly is unclear, but inb4 someone tries it with taxes.

Soreeeh IRS didn’t disclose bitcorn holdings cus security threat mkay. You trash at keeping anyone’s data private so….

“The lead developer for Cardano (ADA) is planning to develop a new cryptocurrency in collaboration with the government of Ethiopia, in order to provide a secure and dependable means of payment for the nation’s capital.

In an AMA session last night, IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson told listeners he had signed an MOU with representatives from the Ethiopian government, including the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, to develop the new digital payments system.

The coin will be part of IOHK’s broader ATALA framework, allowing easy payments for energy bills and other utilities.”

They have electricity in Ethiopia? Hmm. Quick simplified geography class that hopefully isn’t so simplified it causes offense.

Ethiopia is kind of the christian bit of Somalia next to that iconic Arabia square bit that taps into the Suez Canal shipping pipeline.

Making its geographic location very opportune, but they’re very poor. $88 billion nominal GDP for a population of 100 million. The poorest London neighborhood probably has a bigger GDP, however…

“According to the IMF, Ethiopia was one of the fastest growing economies in the world, registering over 10% economic growth from 2004 through 2009. It was the fastest-growing non-oil-dependent African economy in the years 2007 and 2008. In 2015, the World Bank highlighted that Ethiopia had witnessed rapid economic growth with real domestic product (GDP) growth averaging 10.9% between 2004 and 2014.”

Meaning there’s quite a potential return on investment if you can handle the African sun, but billionaire Hoskinson better provide his services for free because some do still sing for Africa.

Making this a good spot to say this is clearing desk. We have undertaken no verification, at times not even on the surface but you know we try to not be fooled. If anything interests you, then please discard anything we say and just do your own research. We are fallible mortals too. No gods here. Nakamoto and Vitalik are enuf alredeh.

“Joel Ortiz, a 21-year-old Boston student convicted of stealing more than $7.5 million in cryptocurrency from 40 people has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by a Santa Clara County Superior Court judge, prosecutors said Monday.”

Isn’t this old? But they sentenced him now. But they sentenced him already. No, that was… he was to be sentenced. Oh, alright, got the impression every sim swapper getting locked, but it’s just one guy. Yeh and the other ones, but k, got your points.

Here is another announcement of an announcement that is to be announced when the announcement is made.

It better not be China. Probably Seul, but that is, is that east Asia? Maybe Tokyo, they were at Seul already with Edcon. Yeh but Vitalik Buterin was honored with a speech at South Korea’s parliament.

Lol, parliament. Like, a small room at the corner somewhere. In the parliament though.

Fine, do what you want. Hong Kong, Singapore. Indonesia. Maybe even Bangkok. Or Australia. That’s east Asia? Oceania! Might as well just call it Australia then, like, who else in onenania.

“Amazon To Accept Bitcoin Payments.” Fer real? Yeah right we’d ave it here. Why you play with me den!

Ohhh, it’s Coindesk! Thought it was some trash site. Well, they ar… ok shh. “Bitcoin spenders can now use the lightning network to shop at e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Crypto payment processing startup Moon announced today that any lightning-enabled wallet can now also be used through Moon’s browser extension.”

Dunno whether to puke or. Just move next. Moon?! I feel dirty all the sudden. Maaaannnn…. VC stuff. Just ignore it.

“You wanted to create cryptocurrency, cryptobirth, mining, etc., to create farms … Together we will go this way,” Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus, said.

Belarus, where is that then? Well bela means beautiful in Italian. Rus is obviously Russian, so between Italy and Russia presumably?

Nah. It’s next to Russia, below Lithuania, above Ukraine and next to Poland and fairly far from Italy.

Quite far from China too. Apparently they want to attract their crypto miners, but there’s Siberia just there and out of the reach of the Russian government (sort of). Cold though. Exactly!

Some articles are saying Belarus is planning to build a nuclear-powered data center for cryptocurrency mining, but a lot is coming from Russian zones recently with it a bit unclear just what is words and what is action.

As far as moving valuable miners there, Belarus seems to be a fairly poor country with a GDP of $60 billion from a population of about 10 million.

“Blockchain could spark renaissance economy.” Great editorial headline by Representative Warren Davidson, but the content has exactly zero statements about the renaissance. The muses have left have they? Here’s one by ethtrader’s very own daily Haiku poet:

“ScienceGuy was right.
Powerful prophet returns.
Bringing with him, gains.”

We’ll see. So Disney is in talks to acquire a gaming company which also recently bought bitcoin and is owner of Korbit, the South Korean crypto exchange. Turtles all the way up boys, not only all the way down.

“Land ownership in Colombia is costly and demands legal knowledge, which leads to less democratic access to the privileges of ownership. This post asserts that the Colombian Land Property Regime (CLPR) calls for extensive bureaucracy and difficulties in its application, especially for those small farmers, who, as a product of the armed conflict, have been dispossessed from their land in rural zones.

Under the current regime, once the conflict has ceased, the farmers could return to their land. However, the CLPR imposes unfair limitations. Taking into account foreign experiences, this paper argues that smart contracts may help overcome those problems, reducing registry costs and preventing the risk of fraudulent alteration of land registration.”

Hmm. Bitcoin volumes have been rising in Colombia on the peer to peer exchange Localbitcoins. They neighbour Venezuela, with awareness there now apparently extending to blockchain based land registries, an intriguing idea that requires a two folds approach.

First, one has to consider what is actually possible right now. When one does so, it becomes obvious it is clunky, messy, and with perhaps even far too many problems.

Then, you consider what the more gradual improvements within the specific land registry and the tech more widely means for the clunkiness and messiness in 5 years or ten years down the line.

You then estimate whether the cost is worth the potential benefit. As of today, there is no wrong answer. In ten years, there will be if some do go through the wrong answers to benefit us all to reach the right one. Ever thus.

Alright, not covering this. Some guy apparently entering 1 as private key and stealing eth. It is Wired. Grand and prestigious once. Still to some extent, but, VCs do have a way of corrupting everything. Or is that capitalism? Both. Or just too edgy all of it?

Who cares. Free and independent nodes. Can burn all bridges as can build any it wants. Vivas la liberta.

Final one then. Yelp is now showing what local shop accepts bitcoin and presumably other cryptos. Pretty cool.

That’s it boys and girls. Tempting to leave you with a poem for the spirit beaten by two decades of war does need some uplifting.

Lift your spirit
and your deamouns
take them all
to hell heavens.

Grab the fear
strangle it
all the stage
for your little thing.

Grab emotions
and so player
dance the tunes
of liberties.


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