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News of News For Bears and Bulls


Ripple Labs apparently sold another $170 million worth of XRP, but what little XRP data is provided shows circulating supply increased by about 1 billion XRP in the last quarter.

That suggests they sold circa $300 million worth, but Ripple Labs claims its $170 million. Big numbers regardless. There’s a lot that can be done with so much money. What they are doing however, besides marketing, is not clear.

This is news of news where we clear the desk for today and there’s quite a few to go through.

Lil Pump apparently has begun accepting bitcoin through the Lightning Network (LN). Whether the rapper will keep them or fiat it, is unclear, but testing LN by buying some cool tee on his official merchandise store might be one way of seeing why LN has a long way to go.

We don’t undertake any verification in this section by the way. It’s the clearing desk. Pump’s site doesn’t show the bitcoin logo, but some LN merchants tracking site claims he accepts it.

A South Korean social media veteran bets on blockchain which he thinks can facilitate better social networking.

Making Kwak Jin-young the latest sign of a growing cultural adoption of cryptos and blockchain tech especially in South Korea.

Their biggest company, Samsung, has been on a spree of blockchain news lately. They’ve invested €2.6 million in Ledger, the hardware wallet that appears to almost have no competition in the fairly lucrative space of securing your crypto cold wallet.

Éric Larchevêque, Ledger’s founder, had a pretty interesting statement to make on Twitter. He said:

“We will still need hardware wallets, but to support a crypto revolution based on personal sovereignty accessible to all, the smartphone will indeed play a central role.”

As you remember, Samsung recently launched a phone that sort of has a crypto hardware wallet in it. Meaning this is probably a strategic investment.

Samsung is apparently also thinking of launching a private blockchain that just forks ethereum. Or they might use the public blockchain. They’re planning a token anyway, or maybe not. We’ll find out.

Nike, the maker of some of the best running trainers – sneakers – is apparently flirting with launching a token too.

In the corporate world you first file trademarks to secure your monopoly and power by the force of law. In this case it is for cryptokicks.

“The trademark application describes a digital currency that would be used by members of an online community. It also describes an electronic marketplace for footwear and clothing and a members-only website with features such as message boards.”

For Nike there could be a lot more interesting use-cases especially around authenticity. Instead of putting some stamp as they currently do, which is hard to tell from real or fake, they could give the trainer a private key that once scanned shows whether it is of Nike or not.

Interesting however that Nike is making an entrance. Blockchain and sport, the opportunities may well be endless.

Berkley has published a long list of the many things they are doing with blockchain. The young are indeed learning.

Finally, a mid-cap exchange,, has raised $64 million for their own exchange token. They claim $2.984 billion worth of orders were placed.

Can you believe it? The public is hungry for easy investment into start-ups and semi-established businesses. Meritocracy and all that, wits and smarts.

It’s the aristocrats however that make the laws and they would rather we have no role in the engine of value production.

So pretty boy UniSwap goes off to take money from VCs and thus willingly makes itself answerable to a rich clique that has been sucking up value since at least the 70s.

That’s because to open the guilds will take much wit, but as Nakamoto said, we can have a space for freedom for at least some time. May such some-time be a golden millennium long.


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