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Bitcoiners Tricking Google and Bots to Cross $6,000


What is Bitcoin? Google it and you might become part of an army that is trying to fool bots into thinking bitcoin is suddenly becoming more popular, and thus they should buy.

It is working too. Well, the Google part. Google trends show searches for what is bitcoin have risen to a weekly high.

Google trends for what is bitcoin, May the forth 2019.

If we zoom out, then the story is different with Google searches for what is bitcoin way down since their peak in November-December 2017.

But while in bear markets you want to zoom out, in bull markets you want to zoom in. So maybe it’s working.

Very unlikely. Anyone stupid enough to code their bot for just this parameter probably doesn’t have any more than 0.1 BTC.

There would be no reason for blockchain data to not be added, Twitter trends, Facebook, and a whole library of factors.

Still though, nudging a hedge fund’s billion by even a bit… maybe…. a?

May the forth be with you bitcoiners, but bots have now become far too sophisticated for such silly tricks.

Humans, on the other hand. Ehh, fooling them has been as easy as ever. Who is to know how many really searched for bitcoin except for Google?

You know, if Sergey got a bit bullish, then maybe he could flip a switch and boom, ATH searches.

Or the opposite. It’s not like this stuff is on the blockchain. Zukbarg has it all on his database where he could play around if he wanted where Facebook is concerned.

Or his employees. If you broke up with your girlfriend better hope she don’t work at Facebook. Not that they would, of course, but they could.

Making all this Google tricking just a bit of fun, but it does show just how much we have to trust these very secret algorithms and data that could manipulate us, the humans, not the bots.


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  1. This is one stupid article. Who qualifies morons like you to be a journalist?

  2. Fuck you, man!

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