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Prince Charles Talks Bitcoin


“Prince Charles, what you think of bitcoins?” Ehh? What you think of bitcoins… Blockchain, bitcoin, cryptocurrency?

“I don’t know about that one.” No way! “Oh, no wait a minute. Block… Blockchain? Yes, yes, very interesting development.”

So said Prince Charles in response to a member of the public that had gathered around.

He seemed a bit excited and maybe interested when he mentioned blockchain, with a light laugh then following the answer as if to clear off a slightly curious encounter.

Just as it is quite curious that it appears he didn’t know what bitcoin is, with his expression being one of: eh, what’s that.

He clearly has heard of blockchain, however. Maybe at Davos or who knows where.

So making him one of the highest official to show awareness of this space, with just two left to go.

Trump, who has not yet said anything about this space and might not even be aware of it, while his sons probably are.

Then there’s the queen, who sits above them all as the most famous person on earth.

It is quite unlikely she will utter the words. Great Grandma Lizzy probably doesn’t have much time now to travel around and learn about all these new things.

Charles however might soon be king, unless he abdicates in favor of his son, Prince William.

He might do as Charles is very old, 71. More of a baby boomer in an age that arguably now belongs to the millennials.

Like his two sons. Did they tell him about blockchains? Who is to know. The Royal Family does have its own family office that manages investments and all sorts. Maybe that’s who told him?

Regardless, even the Prince of England now knows about the blockchain. It’s a very interesting development.


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