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Bitcoin, the Biggest Gainer of the Week and for the Past Six Months


Bitcoin is beating all other top cryptos, with it being the only coin in green for the past six months, and the smallest loser for the past year.

Bitcoin has gained this week 23%. While eth is at 17% and BCH at 18%. XRP is not playing, gaining just 2%.

Over the past six months is a more interesting stat. Bitcoin is in green by 11%. Eth is down by 12%. BCH is down by 43% as is XRP at -41%.

And if we go to a year, there’s no green in top cryptos, but bitcoin is “only” -14%. Eth is down an eye-watering 72%. BCH is -76%. XRP has done a bit better, but still very red at -54%.

Top cryptos performance over a year, May 2019.

Bitcoin is winning by a significant margin. It has the biggest community by far. It is most known with some thinking the entire space is just bitcoin. And it has the biggest infrastructure, with it first to be integrated in new markets and at times it is the only one that is so integrated.

Any criticism of the tech or other aspects appears to not be affecting its market share which is now rising. That’s partly because eth too has limited capacity and BCH hasn’t quite provided a solution yet to the problem of ever growing history.

The market is giving bitcoin far more value than any other crypto. Eth is at less than 20%. BCH is at barely 5%.

It seems bitcoin won, for now. It is driving the market again and when it moves, it does with gravitas.


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