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The Battle For $200


We have not quite seen a day like yesterday in about a year and a half when bitcoin crossed $7,000 like nothing and then went higher to drag eth with it.

A reluctant ethereum eventually relented, taking on bears and their walls, but a re-group chased bulls below $200.

Eth price on hourly, May 2019.

Looking at the on-going battle, bitcoin came to the aid to give eth bulls some courage. Up the king goes $7,400, $7,500, $7,600.

To war men, eth bulls did march. The wall moved, but bears stood ground. Rest now for Sunday mass, then the battle might begin once more.

Eth on weekly, May 2019.

To see what eth is up against, we’ve zoomed out to weekly. It took bears about two months to take $200. It was a calamity when they did so. Now it might be just denial phase for bears. They might not care much, but we’ll see.

They didn’t give ground, so it’s staring time before the charge. Bulls might need reinforcement. Perhaps some tension, because this might be the bridge, it’s taken, the whole town falls.

So cryptonians have to unite. Bitcoin is the king of digital money. Eth is the king of money apps. Bitcoin is taking on banking. Eth is taking on tech. Merge them together, sign the alliance, and we get fintech.

The two are very complementary. One does well, both do well. One is slagging, the other one might get heavy too. So eth has to get it together and do its part or bitcoin might just go on its own.

This might be a big resistance line for both though, but $300 could be the resistance line. Yet it might be here where denial gives way to anger.

So it’s time for battle. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but it’s coming. Get your armor, get your horses, and let’s see if we can retake our own city.

Much of the above might be complete nonsense, a work a fiction, for entertainment purposes only. Editorial Copyrights

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  1. Best read while listening to Carl Orff – O Fortuna ~ Carmina Burana

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