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News of News For Monday Bulls


Hodl is not just a meme, it’s an idea. It goes like this: bankers, the rich, gov, whoever, wants your bitcoin. You don’t give it to them. You hodl and hodl and make them pay the proper price for it.

The latest example? “It’s really been helpful that the cryptocurrency industry sort of went into what they call a winter,” said ICE’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeffrey Sprecher, on a call with analysts after the company reported stronger-than-expected first quarter financial results.

“We’ve actually looked at a number of different companies and acquired a company earlier this week that wouldn’t have been available to us if the market had been really hot,” he said.

Company. He obviously means bitcoin right. All them cheap ones sold at $3,000. It’s almost $8,000 now.

In more technical terms, hodl is the opposite of a speculative currency attack. Or, well, you can see it as a speculative currency attack on the value of fiat.

There’s only 21 million. Stats are a bit spars, but it may be the case that 11 million bitcoin has not moved in five years.

The clever ones send it to cold storage and forget about it. That’s the true story of hodl.

It’s Consensus week with its usual crypto talking heads, but there’s some interesting sessions as corporatedesk has this year not shied too much from some of the more spirited elements of bitcoin.

One interesting aspect might be the attendance of Amazon. There’s some rumors eBay might start accepting bitcoin payments. That Amazon hasn’t yet is quite a puzzle considering it costs them almost nothing.

Whether either will go in that direction at this conference remains to be seen, but something unique has happened today that was almost a dying species in the past year and a half.

Good news actually moved the price in the right direction. Bitcoin regulated futures might now be out this July.

Summer is coming, and with it perhaps China. The trade war could benefit this space because Yuan is falling in value against the dollar.

As a global asset, bitcoin and cryptos in general can shelter. We might moreover get back our tech manufacturing and IoT, add some blockchain and smart contracts to it, and get the party started again.

“Hydro-Quebec, the provincial utility, helped the Bitfarms team find locations around the province for mining operations. Then the City of Sherbrooke came knocking with a novel idea for the industry.

Cities across Quebec purchase enough electricity from Hydro-Quebec to satisfy peak demands, most often during the dead of winter. But for much of the rest of the year, the energy grids have surplus electricity, and the provincial government has been pushing municipalities to come up with ways to sell the extra power, said Christian Laprise, director of Sherbrooke’s municipal power utility.”

So says a local paper that is claiming Canada’s province is seeing an economic regeneration in part due to crypto mining.

“The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) today announced the publication of the Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification V3, which is available to download at no charge here.

The new specification simplifies the permissions system, improving its flexibility, as well as addressing performance and interoperability issues based on feedback and implementation experience.”

“GSR, a leader in market making and algorithmic crypto assets trading, has today released a new structured product called the Bitcoin Halo Option. Revealed at Consensus 2019 in New York, the largest and most reputable digital asset event in the world, this new product will allow investors to manage and limit some of the risk of their trades in a more comprehensive manner.

The GSR Bitcoin Halo is an option on the value of a trading account once the derivative reaches its maturation date. The holder of this derivative pays an initial premium to purchase the Bitcoin Halo Option, which begins the maturation period with a value of zero. Each trader is allowed to place 10 trades per day in the BTC/USD markets through GSR, until the derivative termination date is reached. At maturity, if there is any positive value remaining from the trades performed, then the trader collects this surplus. If there is a negative value, then the trader receives nothing at the end of the term.”

How cute, options. Next step, default swaps of derivatives running on margins that call to futures with this time bots somehow managing all of it based on blockchain data that maybe connects to this time USA manufactured IoT in astonishing complexity.

“InfStone is the Bitmain of the PoS world with $200 million staked in ALL of the top 50 Proof of Stake networks. Just a single snap of the finger and they can wipe out or change the course of the top 50 PoS chains.

Co-founded by an ex-Oracle & an ex-Snap employees, InfStone will announce $2M in Pre-A funding from DHVC and Plug & Play and the launch of its cloud service, called “Infinity Stone” and is currently being used by Tsinghua Labs, DHVC, Plug & Play and Certik.”

Good point here to say we have undertaken no verification of these press releases. It’s what they say.

“Theta Labs, developers of the decentralized streaming video protocol Theta Network, announced a strategic funding round led by Samsung NEXT and Blockchain. Also participating in the round were Uphonest Capital, Wei Fund, Igen Fusion Capital, and other private investors. The company is now fully funded through 2021 with plans to open offices in Seoul, Singapore and London to invest globally in media partner adoption.
Theta Network is the leading decentralized video delivery protocol, giving users the opportunity to contribute their excess bandwidth and computing resources in exchange for token rewards. Video platforms that integrate the Theta Network benefit by reducing their content delivery (CDN) costs, increasing incremental revenue, and boosting viewer engagement on their platform. Platforms that have integrated Theta or are in the process of doing so include, Samsung VR, MBN,, and CJ Hello.”

“Today [May 9], Hedera Hashgraph and Chainlink announced they will collaborate to integrate Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network with Hedera’s enterprise-grade distributed public ledger. This will allow developers writing Hedera-based smart contracts to access real-world data, events and payment information. Chainlink and Hedera are setting the standard for trust and enabling the next generation of smart contracts to become the primary method for establishing digital agreements.”

Right, there’s hashgraph now, cus the previous ones were not puzzling enough. Who keeps shilling Chainlink on 4chan btw?, the leading source for Bitcoin information with over 4 million Bitcoin wallets, and Cred, the leading provider of crypto borrowing and lending with over $300 million in credit facilities, today announced a partnership that will allow customers to earn up to 10% of interest on their Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.”

We have undertaken no verification as we said. 10%. Oh, up to. So between 0.01% and 10%? Or… is this a hodl derivative? Which obviously can also mean hodled out like MT Gox, but, you know if those coins are returned then it might turn out to be the most epic forced hodl ever.

“The NON central CONF will turn (again) Leon (Spain) during the 22-24th June weekend into a meeting place of great international specialists within a playful environment promoting connections between different international communities, and have a very good time.

The NON central CONF name is not coincidental, it is NON central, because León is not a usual place for holding this type of happening, and it is NON CONF because it arose (it is, and it will continue to be) as a friends meeting last year, with the invitation to meet in León to celebrate the spirit of decentralization, to 200 the most prestigious specialists, met in three years of travel through different countries, and once gathered, taking advantage of the enormous knowledge about this technology treasured by the guests, this knowledge is shared through the celebration of different talks, workshops and panels.

León Blockchain HUB association strikes back organizing the second edition of the event, that for some of the 2018 attendants, was the best event of the year again with the support of the local development agency, ILDEFE, that grants the venue to host the talks and provides infrastructure support.”

Now that’s not news news, but it is in its own way. Crypto has all its serious aspects like the money and the innovations, the scams and the gains, the turning of the carousel and the advancement of mankind, but at the end of the day it is about us, the fun and the memes, the hopes and the ambitions, the iron steely conviction and the feisty heart to dream of stars and to make them ours.

A movement is too bland a word. An innovation too dry. The invocation of god too high. Just an excuse might be proper.

An excuse to do what is right and do it better than is currently being done. An excuse to drive our aims and mind. To persuade and argue. To know, or pretend so much that it is no different from knowing, that we are right.

And if we are wrong, so what. Hundreds of billions a year are spent on entertainment. From nights out to all the rest. The crypto show is of course the greatest on earth and in living memory. So we have to poem, our very own:

Eh bitcoin bitcoin,
what god did u come from
you creature out of this world
must my heart again you court?

Didn’t I slap you and trashed you
down the gutter dragged you
always with love
and now you court my heart once more.

My mind
with your sharp tongue
and spirit of revolt
with your edges so fine
and breasts of god.

Ah bitcoin
how you withstood it all
What god
what god!
What even are you?
Then roar
then roar.

And if my tongue of service
o I fear what it would do
but I fear breathing too.

Roll the dice
let it become what it does
let progress march.

If we ourselves could not break it
who can stand?

Roar you cunt
roar for mankind
it is time
at last
to dance.

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