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Press Release: PickFlix, Movies Come to the Blockchain


ATLANTA, April 29, 2019 – GoBlockTM USA LLC is excited to announce the Beta release and launch of their first Dapp – PickFlix.

PickFlixTM is a new kind of strategic game where players assume the role of a Movie Producer. Through research and preference, players select new release movie(s) which they believe will do the best at the box office in relation to other competing movies. 

PickFlix has been created with the objective to provide a fun and simple application for novices and experts to learn and interact with the Ethereum community… and have some fun with movies! Before PickFlix, Dapps have been complex to use, or require some knowledge of the blockchain to start. We hope to change that with PickFlix.

GoBlock designed the game with transparency in mind, and with all data out in the open, so PickFlix players can make fully informed decisions on their movie picks. PickFlix is built to educate new users on blockchain functions, while making it easy to use in a ‘non-techy’ setting. 

We hope that players find this new PickFlix game to be a unique educational and entertaining experience.

About GoBlock USA

GoBlock USA LLC is a group of motivated investors and blockchain enthusiasts who are excited to be involved in this emerging technology. Our background is in traditional enterprise and information systems connecting supply chains and the real world. Based in Atlanta, Georgia we have a mantra: ‘Be Excellent to Each Other and Block On!’

One of the five GoBlock USA’s core focus areas, the Interactive core, promotes predictive modeling, game logic, and crowd solving solutions.

GoBlock USA states: “We designed PickFlix so that anyone could play. No blockchain experience necessary! The PickFlix game is a unique example of how smart contracts, cryptocurrency, and crowd prediction theory can be combined in an entertaining way – while enhancing the users’ experience with movies.”

About Technical Stuff

PickFlix utilizes Ethereum ERC20 token contracts from the OpenZeppelin library, and a custom GameMaster core contract. The token and core contracts together create a new market prediction vehicle called the Distributed Prediction Contract system.

Contact Us

2615 George Busbee Parkway
Suite 11317
Kennesaw, GA 30144-1981

Find a full Press Kit with downloadable files, quotes, social media links and other items at 

GoBlock, PickFlix, and the respective logos are trademarks of GoBlock USA LLC. The names and logos may be reproduced and used for all informational releases regarding the PickFlix game when including a citation to GoBlock USA LLC.

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement or project contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly urged to do your own research.

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