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Pound Sinks, Stocks Down as Libdems and Nigel Farage Go Head to Head


There’s now almost no difference between a pound and a euro, with GBP further falling against the dollar to just $1.26.

Footsie is down too -1.12% as Britain heads to a potentially decisive election on the European question.

GBP/EUR May 2019 or Brits once laughed at the euro, who is laughing now?
GBP/EUR May 2019 or Brits once laughed at the euro, who is laughing now?

Usually no one pays attention to the European elections, but this time it might be very different with a two horse race between Libdems and the one man show, the Brexit Party.

Conservatives and Labour are losing traditional voters left and right because this is no ordinary election. It’s basically a proxy referendum.

It doesn’t technically change anything, but it could also change everything because now that we know what we know, Brits have a clear choice between Brexit leave or Libdem remain.

Labour and conservatives are both in a mess and neither of the two knows what they want. A vote for either of them is a wasted vote as far as this election is concerned.

So according to a poll, 50% of Labor voters are leaving, 22% to Lib Dems, 15% to the Greens and another 15% to Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party.

Conservatives will lose even more. 54% to Farage, 13% to Libdems. Not clear how much Greens are picking.

According to this poll, Farage will take 35% of the votes. Libdem 20% and another 9% for the Greens.

Don’t believe the polls. We now know they lie. They haven’t predicted one election since 2010. The only poll that matters is the one today.

And this election matters a lot. It’s a choice between nationalism or liberalism. Its a choice between secured peace, or potentially risked war. It’s a choice between one European people or petty tribalism. And it’s a choice between a booming economy, or pound potentially below euro parity.

We stand with yellow, Libdems. We want fintech companies and blockchain companies set-up in London to have unfettered access to the entire European market which is almost as big as the US economy.

We want London to champion not just tiny Britain, but the entire European continent.

We want Brits to face the challenges head on and not run away when things get a bit tough.

We want Brits to champion smaller nations as they always have, not leave Czechs, Belgians, the Portuguese, without a counterbalancing voice.

Above all, we want liberalism to prevail for it has given us a century of peace. Nationalism has not given us one day of peace.

The debate so far has been one sided because independents tactically backed them to end the war. Now that the wars have hopefully ended, we can win the peace by voting Libdem.

A democracy that can’t change its mind is not a democracy, it’s a dictatorship. That’s something nationalists are very good at, wining elections then cancelling them as our grandfathers know very well.

It’s time for liberal Britain to stand, and we don’t mean the Labour or Democrats sort, we mean classic liberalism of the Libdem kind.

Libdems ruled once when Britain ruled the waves. They championed the industrial revolution, they championed global free trade, and championed many principles that make Britain great, and make it a place where the best of the world come to make it greater.

They stand for social liberalism and tolerance, as well as for the free market. It’s what can best be described as libertarians, but with common sense.

Their German version, FDP, is loudly promoting blockchain and this space. In 2014 when Libdems were ruling in a coalition, they came to our aid at a crucial time when America was thinking of a crackdown.

Rule Britannia, Britannia rule Bitcoin (which the then chancellor George Osborn bought in 2014) could have been a headline from that time as London rose to become the financial and the fintech capital of the world.

We want those times back, not the 1940s. We want freedom to move across Europe, not Berlin walls. We want true independence as a European nation not fake independence as America’s lapdog.

And we want Einsteins to feel welcomed, not turned away as they did once at their peril in Germany.

It’s not immigrants that caused our problems, it’s bankers like Farage that bankrupted our nations and bankrupted Greece.

Nor did Europe cause the wars in the middle east. To the contrary, Europe has done wonders to end the wars in the Balkans, a Europe that contributed to the ending of the troubles in Northern Ireland. A Europe that has lifted 250 million to first class standards. A Europe that has given us one of the longest period of peace and prosperity.

What has nationalism given us? Hate and war that’s what. It has turned neighbors against neighbors to the gain of bankers like Farage.

It’s not too late to stand for peace. It’s not too late to bring back the 90s. It’s not too late to rule the waves as a proud European nation.

To Vince Cable, the current leader of Libdems who has said he will stand down after the election, we say you too can change your mind.

There will have to be a general election now whatever happens today and a wise man may well be exactly what’s needed in these challenging times.

Lead Libdems to power Vince. Red and blue are cool no more, and if the Brexit Party had a color it would be black for the death and destruction nationalism brings. While yellow is happy.

Lead Britannia once more Vince. Lead Europe. Lead the world. Lead bitcoin and a new generation that clamors for optimism and a roaring 20s.

You just have to believe. And we will always believe in Britain. We will always believe in liberalism. We will always believe that peace can prevail over the machinations of devils.

Vote yellow. And go vote. Don’t believe any poll. Believe only your heart and believe in liberal Britain.

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  1. Who cares about Britain, Britain is not the world, it’s not my world (neither it’s USA). Britain can go to hell, we don’t care !

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