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Binance to Launch Margin Trading


Binance has been testing margin trading with select users and plans to launch it to all soon.

They have made no official statement and have declined to comment on specifics, but confirmed margin trading is coming.

It is unclear, therefore, what leverage levels one of the biggest crypto exchange will provide to traders.

Just as it is unclear which coins and tokens will be available for margin trading, but for some smaller coins, Binance might be one of very few options to short.

Poloniex has margin trading too, but at very low levels and their fees are a bit uncompetitive.

Coinbase Pro has no margins, while Kraken is the only one to offer crypto settled regulated futures, but only for Europe.

Binance’s fast trading engine has made it popular among cryptonians and with margins it might now try take some users from Bitmex depending on what level of leverage they’ll offer.

However, a recent hack of $40 million (which they covered from profits) may now distinguish them from Coinbase which in seven years since it launched has still not been hacked once.


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