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Theresa May Resigns


Theresa May has just resigned as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, setting off internal elections for party leader.

Boris Johnson is said to be the frontrunner, but there are numerous candidates vying for the leadership.

At 10:05 AM London time, May said it is time for another leader, with the European question leading to the resignation of yet another Conservative Prime Minister.

May said she will resign on Friday the 7th of June with the process for a new leader to begin the following week, that being 10th of June.

The conservatives are expected to face an unprecedented defeat at the European elections held this Thursday in UK.

Results won’t be announced until Sunday once elections are completed in all of Europe, with conservatives potentially not gaining even 1 MEP.

The big question now is whether there will be a general election with Jeremy Corbyn, Labour’s leader, telling his supporters to get ready.

Libdems have seen a resurgence due to their clear message on Europe. Likewise, Nigel Farage’s new party might take some votes from conservatives if they fight a general election.

Britain is now headed towards three decisive months with a potential no deal exit from the European Union on the cards.

Parliament, however, remains as divided as it has ever been. Whether they can agree on anything this time, remains to be seen.


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