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European Elections: Liberalism on a Surge?


The pendulum may be swinging as the latest indicators suggest surprise potential win for liberal parties in what may well be a backlash against nationalism.

“The Dutch centre-left Labour party is toasting an ‘unexpected comeback’ in European elections held on Thursday…

The Dutch Labour party are celebrating what they claim as victory based on exit polls they have seen.”

So says the BBC, while in Ireland the Green party has unexpectedly topped the polls.

“The Green Party has shockingly topped the European polls in Dublin according to the latest exit polls,” says the Express.

For UK, there can be no exit poll until Sunday 10PM London time, but Labour and Conservatives have been losing supporters left and right. Leadership figures from both parties have backed Libdems instead.

Polls for Libdems kept jumping almost 5% each time ahead of the European elections. What the result will be remains to be seen, but the rise of Libdems clearly indicates liberalism is rising in Britain.

In other countries there isn’t yet much of an indication as voting goes on until Sunday, but some suggest support for Salvini in Italy is in a downwards trend.

Usually no one pays much attention to the European elections, but if there is a swing towards liberalism, that may change national politics and may change the course of the current trajectory.


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  1. About time. The right wing poison was getting too far and polluting the world and cause too much strife and hatred. Extremes of both sides setting the course is never healthy. We need more love and humanity in our various countries at this time.

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