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MetaMask Now Has a Quarter of a Million Active Monthly Users


MetaMask, ethereum’s main way of connecting with dapps, has reached 264,000 monthly active users according to Bobby Dresser, Product Manager at MetaMask.

Some 1.5 million transactions were made through Metamask last month, with one million transactions made on mainnet and the rest on testnet.

Most of these transactions are for dapps, with only 24% initiated by users themselves while 76% were initiated by dapps.

Top Metamask dapps, May 2019.

Remix, quite interestingly, is the top dapp when considering volumes both on mainnet and testnet.

Remix, as you may know, is sort of a compiler which can connect to Metamask. Once you finish writing the code, you then perform some final steps at Remix and publish it on the blockchain.

0xUniverse is not the exchange or the protocol. Instead it’s a “next generation blockchain game where players can build spaceships, explore the galaxy, and colonize planets.”

While Axie Infinity is a game about collecting and raising fantasy creatures called Axie. So Cryptokitties.

Meaning the only exchange that makes it to top five is Fork Delta. However, Dresser says “on Mainnet alone, there are over 25 different dapps with over 5k transactions in April, and we see new applications appear in our weekly charts all the time.”

They say 90,000 are using Metamask every week, seeing 1.1% growth week on week, based on their definition of an active user as “someone who interacts with MetaMask in any way — by opening the extension to check their balance, by sharing their address with a dapp, by switching their active account, etc.”

The average active user interacts with Metamask five times per week, totaling 320,000 visits a week.

However, just 30% of active users confirm an on-chain transaction. Most just used it as a way to connect with dapps, while some use it as a wallet.


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