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B1 Tries Hypeos


“We are excited about #B1June, but encourage everyone to be realistic in their expectations – there are some wild rumours out there which are just not true. Big news for some, may not be for others. No Facebook, Apple, or Google partnerships. No Airdrops. Stay calm, keep building.”

So said Brendan Blumer, Co-founder and CEO of Block One. His company Twitter account, however, which happens to have 10x more followers, sent this 12 hours ago and pinned it:

“Like every company, we’re entitled to put cool graphics around simple messages that communicate a date and location of an exciting event for us. When I saw excitement leading to misinformation I decided to make a statement. We do our best, but everyone wants different things,” says Blumer.

It’s not hype, it’s just… business. That would be one potential translation of this coordinated hype attempt that begun a few days ago:

Yes, comung. Then “a massive purchase of RAM by B1 on the EOS Mainnet has generated 16K+ fees which are paid out to REX holders. Other RAM purchases have caused the last 24 hour earnings to exceeds all income from REX since launch.”

Wait, that’s far too boring. Wouldn’t have caught our radar. Now this:

“BREAKING NEWS: @block_one_ has purchased 3,300,000 EOS ($25,000,000) worth of RAM on the #EOS mainnet from their official B1 account. #B1June is heating up!”

B1 playing the big league tricks of stock buybacks, starting with $25 million eos? Ohh, they just changed eos they already have to ram (kinda similar to gas in ethereum)? The big league stuff is only for their rich traditional SEC jurisdiction shareholders huh?

Yup, just took some profits by having B1 buyback their shares. Nothing to see here. It was only $71 million anyway, a 123% gain from B1’s buyback of Galaxy Digital’s investment in their company private stocks.

So back to the hypeos. $25 million worth of eos buys you 21 million accounts. It’s big! And we say SEC’s licensing process is cumbersome. Imagine forking out $25 million as a startup to have the chance to dream of AN INCREDIBLE 21 million accounts.

Yes, we should be seriousnodes, but an announcement of an announcement usually doesn’t end in much fun.

They apparently burned 34 million eos though. Now that’s worth quite a bit, circa $240 million, but it’s just 3% of total supply as they want to reduce inflation from 4% (50 million eos) to 1%.

It isn’t thus very clear whether this was circulating supply, with total supply being 1 billion, but 100 million is not circulating.

What is clear is that the company behind eos, B1, thinks they have a maybe big, maybe not big, announcement to make for June the 1st.

We’ll laugh a bit if it is yet another conference, even if we’d be a bit surprised if it isn’t, but speculation is it might be a whole new Facebook. We think like are fairly sure it’s just a conference as they don’t have one, but some suggest it might have something to do with bitcoin.

Lol, the hyenas there would make very sure they get no where near bitcoin, with criticisms too of B1 stepping on everyone’s toes by launching their own version of whatever dapp or service is launched on eos.

Old Silicon Valley tactics of monopoly creation as money tempts everyone to diktata, but all that said, it’s good to have attempted hype back.

Well, it’s not, but you know what is meant. Still, all that said, it did get our radar and we do wish them all the best as long as they are genuinely trying to produce something useful.

With all that money, no point in not even trying. So we’ll hold our tongue as some say altseason may have begun. If so, we stand with Musk.

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