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Blockchains Acquires


Blockchains LLC, a Nevada based startup that plans to build an ethereum city, has acquired Slockit, the German based startup known for their attempt in 2016 to build an ethereum computer as well as the DAO.

“As of now, we’re not working on creating new hardware,” Christoph Jentzsch, CEO of Slockit, says before adding:

“Instead, we’re focused on Incubed, which is a software client that connects all sorts of devices to the blockchain. With this, it becomes easy for developers to build their own ‘Ethereum Computer’ if they choose. But they’ll also be able to connect IoT devices and smartphones to the blockchain.”

Incubed says it’s a set of tools where “the IoT Layer connects devices to the blockchain in order to control access,” with Blockchains further planning to launch a set of tools and projects soon. Elaborating further, Jentzsch said:

“These free community tools will support the development and use of executable distributed code contracts (EDCCs), commonly referred to as smart contracts, specifically for Ethereum.

The first tool to be released would be an EDCC analyzer for Solidity, which was showcased by at Devcon 4. Another would be a signaling tool that weights user votes based on gas spent on the network.”

Slockit will continue operating from Germany, with Blockchains not revealing how much was paid for the acquisition. David Berns co-founder of Blockchains, told Trustnodes:

“The acquisition of speeds up our development efforts, and with its signature product, Incubed, we believe Blockchains’ products will become the de facto solution for connecting IoT and smart devices to the blockchain.”

Blockchains revealed plans for an ethereum city last year, with Berns stating they have a 25,000 square foot facility in Storey County, with a staff approaching 100 employees. “We hope to break ground in Innovation Park, where the new Blockchains campus would be built, next year,” he said.

“Blockchains is currently in the design phase of the master planned community,” with Nevada being very supportive of the project according to Berns who says:

“Nevada is proving itself to be blockchain friendly. In the current legislative session, there are four (4) bills being considered by lawmakers, which, if passed, would further position the Silver State as a welcoming destination for blockchain companies.

Lawmakers also formed the first Nevada Tech Caucus, which is bipartisan and bicameral. Caucus members have sat down with Blockchains for insight and education on distributed ledger technology, as have lawmakers at the federal level.

Blockchains believes partnership and collaboration will help improve understanding and advancement of blockchain technology as a whole in Nevada.”

Their focus is on the ethereum public blockchain with Berns stating “this acquisition demonstrates our continued intent to support the Ethereum community to fulfill the promises of blockchain technology.”

They’re also working on self-sovereign digital identity and reputation as well as digital asset custody and management.

While this acquisition of Slockit allowing them to focus on connecting IoT and smart devices to the blockchain.

The acquisition “joins companies that wholeheartedly believe in the necessity of the public blockchain,” says Berns.


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