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Can Bitcoin’s Inventor Actually Prove He is Satoshi Nakamoto?


At the tender age of 12, you’re of course a big enough boy to think Santa Clause is a complete fiction, but you are still very susceptible to the concept of god.

At the age of 15 you start to realize that maybe there isn’t such a thing as god as described in religious books. If you are one of those who seek to establish their own knowledge, you then try to establish whether it is thus the case or not.

As you ponder how can god prove his existence, you think of course he can just show up. As you look around whether he in fact has, you start to wonder what if he actually really does, would it actually prove it?

What if it’s Satan. What if it’s some magic trick. What if it is an hallucination. Something can show up but it wouldn’t necessarily be god even if it claims so, would it?

Ultimately you conclude the only way to prove god does or doesn’t exist is to have a wish that you think is impossible to fulfill. Something like going to the andromeda galaxy to maybe see something like this:

The Greek andromeda myth visualized, the galaxy is real though.
The Greek andromeda myth visualized, the galaxy is real though.

If you don’t make it, then that’s easy, case closed. But let us suppose you do. Let us suppose you land on andromeda and maybe have completely forgotten about this “test.” Let us suppose you remember one day and then you wonder: wow, god actually exists?

And then you look back and see your steely determination and focus, your iron will to achieve those necessary scientific and innovative breakthroughs, and all that it took, and so conclude it was actually just you and just your determination.

At that point you then give up and say it doesn’t matter whether god is or not. You then develop a far more sophisticated understanding of the myth and of the metaphors. You then even appreciate it and respect it, although you do see just how much it needs updating to be fit for our age.

As a summary, you may well conclude that energy can never be created nor destroyed. Hence, energy is god. Such energy is “bundled” into atoms, which through “groupings” create complex structures, including humans.

As energy is basically forever, then such “groupings” will again in a billion or trillions of years form to make the exact you but in a very different age, and thus presumably adinfinitum.

Except there’s a danger of course, entropy, and we have to beat that or energy may become so static that no complex structures exist for… well there is no such thing as close to forever, but you get the point.

Hence here we have the discipline aspect of religion, the do good aspect, the morality aspect, while removing the emotional preaching aspect and so replacing it with rationalism.

The question however was whether Satoshi Nakamoto can prove himself and unlike god he – we say he for convenience, can be a she or anything – does of course actually exist. There is no doubt as to that, but as to who it is, well, can anything actually prove it?

Nakamoto on a Rationalist Court

Many have claimed to be, or others have claimed on their behalf they are, Satoshi Nakamoto, the bitcoin inventor.

The latest such claim is some criminal, for fun presumably or marketing because there’s little to raise your profile than being… well, the mystery of our times.

Reason now, well doesn’t claim just speculates, that Neal Stephenson might be Nakamoto. No one heard of this fiction writer, so good way of making us hear of him.

Some say it may well be Jim Gray, a Turing Award winner in 1998 “for seminal contributions to database and transaction processing research and technical leadership in system implementation,” according to Wikipedia.

This one is at least a bit fascinating, and does fit except for all the things that don’t fit. Wiki says:

“Gray, an experienced sailor, owned a forty-foot yacht. On January 28, 2007 he failed to return from a short solo trip to the Farallon Islands near San Francisco to scatter his mother’s ashes. The weather was clear, and no distress call was received, nor was any signal detected from the boat’s automatic Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon.

A four-day Coast Guard search using planes, helicopters, and boats found nothing. On February 1, 2007, the DigitalGlobe satellite did a scan of the area and the thousands of images were posted to Amazon Mechanical Turk. Students, colleagues, and friends of Gray, and computer scientists around the world formed a ‘Jim Gray Group’ to study these images for clues. On February 16 this search was suspended, and an underwater search using sophisticated equipment ended May 31.”

Now this is a potential candidate, no one would be surprised if he showed up to claim it except for that disappearance bit which would of course shock very many if he does now appear.

The problem here is of course that no one quite knows where Gray is or if he lives at all. This would be one way of making it turtles all the way down.

Supposing any of these many candidates does sign with the private key. That would obviously prove they have at least some of the very early bitcoins, maybe even the genesis block itself, but would it prove they are Nakamoto?

Well, it depends. If it was Craig Wright doing it, then no. If Gray somehow showed up, then maybe. If it was that criminal guy, then obviously no. So it would depend.

The actual inventor probably… you know reality does have a way of letting us generally know what is true and not. It, at least after a few days, weeks, or months, it would probably be obvious whether it is thus or no.

So the answer is yes, the bitcoin inventor can prove he is Satoshi Nakamoto if he wants to, but whether he ever will want to, remains to be seen. You’d think at some point, but who knows.

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  1. The truth is that I, Neil Holmes from Jersey, British Islands, am the person who wrote the Bitcoin whitepaper and used the name Satoshi Nakamoto for reasons beyond anyones current understanding.

    1. Why are you revealing this in a comment section of a B-tier news website? The only thing here beyond anyone’s current understanding is why anyone would believe you.

      1. Lol, B-tier. Trustnodes is AAA+ Gold Platinum and Diamond bro.

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