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Andrew Keys Joins a $100 Million Fund


One of the key ConsenSys personnel has joined a CFTC registered fund with $100 million under management focusing on eth.

“We are 10 years long” on eth, Andrew Keys, one of the first employee of ConsenSys, said.

He will remain on the advisory board of ConsenSys, but stated he will “be serving Digital Asset Risk Management Advisors (@DARMACapital) as Managing Partner.

DARMA Capital is a CFTC registered, NFA member whose goal is to provide Quantitative Systematic Alpha Generation of Web3 Protocols.”

Apparently they sold at the top of the market in 2018 and bought as eth fell, turning every 1,000 eth into ◊2,500.

“My core competency has been in finance and my secondary competency has been in technology,” Keys said, claiming this is not a departure but Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys founder, said:

“The whole ecosystem, but ConsenSys especially, wouldn’t be where it is today without Andrew Keys and his infectious ambition. Good luck on your next adventure.”

ConsenSys has invested some of its eth with the fund to better manage risks, with Darma planning to later launch a bitcoin and filecoin fund.


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