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News of News For Bears and Bulls


Bitcoin is in a sideway since around 15th of May in one of the longest periods in recent months.

Just like the British summer is not very sure whether it is here, giving two days of hotness, 5 of cold, and now maybe sort of perhaps kind of summerish, so too bitcoin bulls jump up and down without being quite sure whether they actually want to proper jump.

This is news of news table chat where we clear the desk of whatever is left to make room for tomorrow.

Starting with Gartner, they say 90% of blockchain platforms are to be replaced by 2021. That is, they’ll fail, and in two year.

“Many CIOs overestimate the capabilities and short-term benefits of blockchain as a technology to help them achieve their business goals, thus creating unrealistic expectations when assessing offerings from blockchain platform vendors and service providers,” Adrian Lee, senior research director at Gartner, said.

He claims blockchain tech will add value of some $3.1 trillion by 2030 to businesses. That’s obviously because he can see so far he can be specific to the dot, but this quote is nice:

“Product managers should prepare for rapid evolution, early obsolescence, a shifting competitive landscape, future consolidation of offerings and the potential failure of early stage technologies/functionality in the blockchain platform market.”

It is the jungle babeh. Cringe. Shut up. Too much sun already, especially for Vancouver’s Mayor who wants to ban crypto ATMs.

Reee you kids with your new technology and stupid iphones going to ATMs and buying bitcoin. In muh time, I’d go to the bank and speak to nice lady to get propa cash, while you lot. Off muh lawn!

“One police report claimed criminals could simply purchase a Bitcoin ATM themselves for a few thousand dollars. They would then deposit all their cash into that ATM ‘as many times as required’ to either profit from or eliminate the transaction fees – effectively washing money for free.”

Cus, the bitcoin are in the computer. Apparently though they have 72 ATMs in the city, which is quite impressive, but the solution here is obviously a younger Mayor rather than 53 year old Kennedy Stewart who clearly thinks the solution to criminals drinking water is to just ban water.

Right, well just to entertain the mayor… although this is actually fairly serious. “Kids” in Baltimore have apparently wrecked computers asking for bitcorn:

“The ransomware attack began on May 7, shutting down city computer systems – many of which remain offline four weeks later – and costing taxpayers an estimated $18.2 million.

The attackers used a ransomware variant called RobbinHood to encrypt city data and demanded payment to unlock the files.”

That’s a lot of money. Now a local paper says the purported “hacker” was taunting them on twitter threatening to darknet the data if they don’t bitcoin.

Whether we will hear why this council was using vulnerable computers, remains to be seen. Just as of course whether we will hear anything from Microsoft or perhaps some sort of congressional hearing questioning NSA, remains to be seen.

Obviously we all know the answer. Not to excuse whoever is this idiot. Go get a propa job!

Then you can get a patent as according to Phil Horler, a patent attorney at Withers & Rogers, “the pace of blockchain patent filings since 2015 is far outstripping that of quantum computing and, despite the relative infancy of blockchain technology, the number of blockchain patent families worldwide already exceeds that of quantum computing.

Our research also suggests that owing to the relative rates of growth, the gap could widen further in the next few years.”

Squatting. Off then to Northern Ireland. “The Belfast Coin will be the UK’s first incentive-based digital currency when it launches later this year.

It will operate as a rewards platform that encourages behaviour that boosts the city’s economy and quality of life by offering residents Belfast Coins in return for activities such as shopping at local businesses, volunteering, civic activity, healthy living, and recycling.

Citizens download the app and connect a debit or credit card. They can then use the digital wallet to make payments directly from their mobile devices at registered shops, cafes, restaurants and other businesses across the city.”

Well, one of the first. There’s quite a few of them now. They’re erm, not quite doing it properly though. It is quite simple, instead of having the council raise money through debt by going to banks, you launch a counciltoken, which can now be used in the local economy, and then you add all the incentives for shopping local etc.

But again these all are just old people. They talk of gender or color diversity, but no one talks of age diversity. Most of these lot in charge are, well, 70. They just have no clue about the new digital world.

But we do, and we’re going to the moon. Litchaly. “Our idea is to put a small satellite (cubesat) in orbit, with a public-accessible on-board computer, where everyone can upload and run their own mission software, effectively piloting a real spacecraft for some time (1 or more orbits).

You would be able to operate the satellite payload instruments and subsystems, learn the specifics of space mission operation and software development skills for the space environment.”

So says erm, well we don’t know who they are. Their name is Exodus Orbitals, but we haven’t looked into anything, we’re just clearing our desk so do your own research.

BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, a global accelerator program designed to build start-ups and enterprises into successful blockchain-powered businesses, has partnered with swissnex India to provide Swiss startups a launchpad in India’s booming digital market.”

“We are a few days away from the CryptoCompare Digital Asset Summit on the 12th June, at Old Billingsgate Market in London…

The summit speakers will include regulators from HM Treasury, the FCA and the Bank of England as well as representatives from Nasdaq, UBS, LSEG, State Street, VanEck, Global Digital Finance, EY Foundry, Coinshares, B2C2, Quantave and more.”

We should go but uhm, maybe. “A significant milestone was reached for decentralized collateral-backed stablecoin EOSDT – over $15.7M worth of EOS locked in collateral, putting over $5.4 million EOSDT in circulation.

EOSDT is pegged to the US dollar and can only be generated with the use of the Equilibrium framework self-service gateway. EOSDT has recently been listed on Bancor and HitBTC, as well as integrated with the most popular EOS wallets, such as EOS Lynx.”

“The Republic of the Marshall Islands today announced the establishment of the SOV Development Fund, a Marshallese not-for-profit organization. The Fund’s mandate is to support the government in the establishment, maintenance and implementation of the SOV, the Marshall Islands’ digital legal tender.

In a pre-recorded video presentation to the Blockchain for Impact Summit at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the Minister In Assistance to the President, David Paul said: ‘We are designing SOV in a way that will not place any burden on the government’s finances. The currency funds itself.'”

“The Crypto Valley Association has announced new speakers for this year’s Crypto Valley Conference, taking place from 24-26th June 2019, in association with the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Following the preliminary release of the speaker list, which includes representatives from IBM, the EU Commission, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and Dfinity, the Conference has revealed that speakers from Sovrin, Parity, Brave, Kyber Network, SIX Digital Exchange, Swiss Federal Department of Finance, Polkadot, Stellar, and Binance will also take to the stage.”

“At Consensus 2019 in New York, NEO unveiled its new US$100 million EcoBoost fund designed to drive ecosystem growth and development. NEO also outlined various initiatives in its pursuit of making NEO the most developer-friendly blockchain, including NeoFS, NEO Toolkit for Visual Studio, and the NEO Express Node.

Following its successful appearance at Consensus, the NEO team is back to working on NEO 3.0 and building a platform for the Smart Economy of the 21st century.”

Neo, they’re still around. Even doing things. $100 million is not a small amount. That’s all for today though, until next time keep an eye on any little bull that might roam around.


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