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Press Release: Cryptowisser – The Crypto Tool You Didn’t Know You Needed


You get up in the morning. You decide that today is the day that you want to buy the specific cryptocurrency you have been thinking about for some time. You brew a nice cup of coffee and sit down by your computer. What are the next steps?

In the past, the next steps were likely to: 

  • check at which exchange that cryptocurrency was traded (using;
  • create an account at that exchange;
  • deposit funds to that exchange; and
  • buy the relevant cryptocurrency.

However, this process was flawed since it didn’t necessarily cater to your own personal preferences. For instance, Coinmarketcap does not distinguish between exchanges that accept fiat currency deposits and the exchanges that do not. Furthermore, they don’t provide any information on fees on its website. Also, they only list 260 something exchanges. Finally, they provide no written reviews at all about any of the exchanges listed on their site.

Today, there’s a new tool available for cryptocurrency investor that takes care of all of the abovementioned issues: the Cryptocurrency Exchange List from The Cryptocurrency Exchange List is the world’s biggest list of exchanges, today listing more than 420 different cryptocurrency exchanges with information on fees, deposit methods, security score, user rating and more. Most importantly though, there are individual reviews written by Cryptowisser’s team on each and every one of the listed cryptocurrency exchanges. As an example of a review, you can check out this review of Changelly.

In the filters in cryptowisser’s exchange list, you can also input the specific cryptocurrency you are looking for and be matched with all exchanges that supports trading in that specific cryptocurrency. 

Consequently, the new process for buying a specific cryptocurrency will be:

  • check at which exchange you can trade that cryptocurrency (using;
  • check whether the relevant exchanges support your preferred deposit method;
  • read Cryptowisser’s review of the exchange you are thinking of choosing;
  • create an account at the relevant exchange;
  • deposit funds to that exchange; and
  • buy the relevant cryptocurrency.

The above is only one of many examples of where the cryptocurrency industry – unlike most other consumer-facing industries – have previously failed to adapt to consumer needs. Today, however, we are seeing more and more services that are designed to help facilitate cryptocurrency trading and cryptocurrency understanding for everyday people. Cryptowisser’s tool is only one of many such services.

This is a press release. Trustnodes has not undertaken any verification of any of the above statements and any statement or project contained therein is not necessarily endorsed by Trustnodes. Readers are strongly urged to do your own research.

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  1. Checked out the site and it’s actually really helpful. Great article!

    1. That you guys wrote yourself 🙂 haha ok Felix

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