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FED v ECB, Is Trump Turning America Against the World?


Tech war, trade war, currency wars, and they said Trump would give us no wars. Thankfully, that remains the case technically, in part probably because American presidents rarely start a hot war in the first term.

Barack Obama turned the page initially, extending his hand to the Arab world, so giving us a year or two of peace when he first took power.

Then, mainly in his second term, war returned with a vengeance. The hope and change he had promised turned into the gifted tongue that deceives.

That raises the stakes considerably for Trump, especially among the millennial generation who think twenty years of their life have been stolen.

Managed Manufactured Chaos or Plain Nationalism?

Trump too seemed alright in his first year or two, but then he unveiled John Bolton, the neocon.

As if Israel has not suffered enough in pretty much always being at war to the point they even conscript their women there, he thought to raise tensions by declaring the house of god of three religions, Jerusalem, as the capital of a political entity.

To any non-American it is further astonishing that a completely unelected man who is or appears to be extremely biased is in charge of the “peace” process which objectively to anyone looks like it aims not for peace at all.

Nepotism is how chiefdoms were ruled centuries ago, to see it in the open in America is revolting.

Yet Trump himself is a good man, or so appears, but one expected a modernizer of the republican party.

When he held up a gay flag, for example, that said a lot. Now that US embassies are told to not fly such flag, one wonders whether Trump deceived the public.

As father to a daughter and many children and grandchildren, one wonders how he thinks he is in any way placed to judge whether the state should intervene in a deeply personal matter and in some cases tragic situations related to abortion.

As husband to an immigrant and himself son of immigrants, one wonders if he ever asked what role the state has in statsi like documentation processes and just what history will say about the breaking up of in the vast majority of cases hardworking, law abiding, tax paying, families.

And does he wonder whether Mexico has sons when he bullies them? Wasn’t his failure to get an agreement with China enough? So good have his negotiation skills been so far that he now wants to strain relations with the alliance forged in fire?

European America

After asking FED to weaken the dollar, Trump is now surprised others might see that as cheating and respond in kind.

Trump of course has forgotten that America’s war in Syria and Arabia led to one million refugees flooding Europe.

Did America pay a penny for housing their refugees? Did it give any support at all?

And what about provoking Russia to anex part of Ukrain. Was that Europe? Or America’s drive to more and more Nato expansion.

Unsatisfied, now US sends 1,000 troops to Poland, so provoking Russia again. If tensions get out of hand, America again will not pay a penny for it, Europe will bear the whole brunt.

So Europe had American war near their border down below with Syria being just next to Turkey. And up above near their border with Ukraine.

And America has been getting away with it indeed for years. Then for some reason it is France and Germany that gets attacked, even though both stayed out of the Iraq war.

Quite astonishingly, Germany was attacked after welcoming one million refugees. Does anyone really believe it? Or was all of that a way to get support for the war.

And what is American Steve Bannon doing going around Europe fomenting the breaking up of the continent? How would Americans feel if a European was going around USA stirring up Californian nationalists, New York nationalists or in Chicago?

They have been getting away with it indeed, for years, with the divided continent saying nothing, but there’s a new generation now immunized from the old tricks that have been played for so long.

America is largely European and America would benefit a lot more from a strong Europe rather than a weak Europe.

USA is growing at 3.5%. Accounting for inflation, Europe is barely growing. So who exactly is cheating?

Plenty thought America first is just a slogan, not least because otherwise they would say Europe first.

Has Trump even visited Germany yet? Or France? He did go to Russia and to Saudi Arabia. Yet not where you would think are America’s closest allies. There he sent Bannon instead, who of course obviously has nothing to do with Trump despite advising him for how many years?

Has in fact any high ranking American visited France or Germany? Not that anyone would notice since they change everyday, but what does all this say?

It says Europe has to hurry up. Finish enlargement by getting in the Balkans and so focus fully on internal integration to the point of even electing hopefully a smarter Trump as European president so that he can tweet too.

For it is in the interest of both Europe and America, as well as Russia and Arabia, to have a strong sovereign continent that can talk back if necessary to avoid a fracturing of relations with… well, Europeans that now call themselves Americans.

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