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$100 Million Bitcoin Bought in Minutes


Bitcoin modern fan art, July 2019

The wall has fallen and with it too what may well be one of the last bearwhale for now who failed to keep the $12,000 line.

At around 11AM London time, just as New York was waking up, a limit sell order for 7,800 bitcoins showed up on Binance, worth circa $96 million.

Unperturbed, bulls just chipped and chipped, munching it down to ₿5,000 in minutes after some $35 million worth of bitcoin was bought.


Relentless, the bulls, ₿1,000 charged amore, down all that fiat and up into bitcoin in four minutes boys.


And thus the story goes of a cat on attack to aid the bulls of lord and chase the bears out of our town.

So fierce was the attack and so numerous were the bulls, the wall did fall, the bears no more.


Our bearwhale will always be, the original OG, who in 2015, united das community, to end the bear domain, and show once again, truly it was indeed, darkness before a new beginning.

30,000 bitcoins are now worth $370 million with the bearwhale thinking himself vindicated as price halved to a brief $150, a bottom that made to then roar and roar to today.

$9 million he gained, for a priceless piece of crypto history, when the Spartans did stand, and then on to conquer, even American lands.

Who it was, remains unknown, a legend of folklore, who in panic thus embodied, all the fears, and in that panic being slayed, so gave way, to optimistic days.

They said it will only fall, yet it has only risen, fallen are only those, who thought the genius of intellect was some sort of joke.

Adios bearwhale, we shall see you again, for now it is perhaps time, to slightly turn on a dance, for summer hath come, and so our love and heart, for mighty bitcoin.

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