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Boris Waves the Flag of Liberalism


Boris first parliament appearance, July 25 2019

Britain has transformed pretty much overnight as the new Prime Minister expressed his ambition for a new golden age.

“We will be the home of electric vehicles – cars, even planes, powered by British made battery technology being developed right here, right now. We will have the freeports to revitalise our coastal communities, a bioscience sector liberated from anti genetic modification rules, blight-resistant crops that will feed the world – and the satellite and earth observation systems that are the envy of the world. We will be the seedbed for the most exciting and most dynamic business investments on the planet.”

So said Boris Johnson in Parliament in a performance memorable for the decimation – perhaps unfairly – of the shadow chancellor. Unfairly as he did not have a right to reply.

While Jeremy Corbyn appeared to turn the tables, Boris gave the knockout blow as the blond breamed with optimism.

His cabinet, perhaps the most multicultural in the history of this United Kingdom. If anyone had any discomfort where social matters are concerned, they would not be justified in doing so any further.

For Britain is now that cosmopolitan, ambitious, outwards looking, freedom loving, tall and proud. The country we have missed so very much.

It is of course quite symbolic that optimism shall return in this 2019 as it did in 1999. We pray, and demand, what followed then does not follow in this 2020.

For peace may well be here, at least in the dreams of women and men. A world pleasant to live in. Troubles left to what will soon be the last two decades.

Wishful thinking perhaps, but that’s where it all begins. The will to dream, and Boris does dream.

At least, for perhaps a few moments, it feels as if all the Brexit nightmare has just suddenly gone away. The three blonds, perhaps just by their hair, maybe will return Europa, including the American version, Australia, and elsewhere, to greatness once again, to that booming optimism of the 90s.

The millennial generation in particular has suffered far too much. Many of our brothers and sisters are no longer around due to the evilness that hopefully now, in that fashion of Jesus, can be forgiven and forgot.

For time can’t be reversed, yet the future is still to be written, and Boris Johnson will play a great role in doing so.

A confident Britain can be a leader perhaps above even America for Trump has failed to achieve what Boris has managed in just one day.

A page has been turned, and a new chapter has been opened, at least in UK. Those dark forces that try to divide us into all sorts of labels have just vanished as if by magic.

Britain is back at its best. Tolerant, free market loving, innovative, global, and waving that flag of liberalism, loudly and proudly.

Ehh long we’ve waited to feel those 90s feels. To hell perhaps Satan has once again been sent. The rule of angels may well be here. Macron too should have much credit for standing up when times demanded. Even Trump, though many his failures, for paving the way for what may be a new chapter indeed and at least in Britain the return of that country that many grew up loving and admiring from China to Arabia, Russia and everywhere else.

If Britain is back, the rest will follow. Europe is well positioned to stand tall and proud under Ursula, the third blond. Trump may well start feeling out of place, while Macron’s en march might finally get some boost as a wave of liberalism hopefully sweeps all earth.

Tis time to dance and have some fun and live a life worth living without war, without guns, but by pen and song drive all men and women to a new golden age indeed.

Whether he can, no one cares, at least for a moment, as sweet is the dream and so thus the ambition.

As a Fintech global centre and as a strong supporter of free markets, we expect Boris to champion this space and perhaps even hold it up as an example of the innovative spirit that drives the world.

For if optimism is to return, cryptos should be proud of playing a very significant part in creating a festive atmosphere where hope was kept alive during some of the darkest times.

The efforts of many coders in creating or envisioning a new world kept reminding all of how much better things could be, of our dreams and of the power of ambition.

Having a champion in the highest office of that spirit may indeed usher in a golden age not just for Britain, nor just for Europe, but for the entire world.

As in that very British tradition, fundamental political change has been achieved in the most peaceful way, with it now for Europe to decide whether they wish to follow Britain and they too sing the song of optimism and unite as a continent under Ursula von der Leyen, with a United Kingdom that needs a strong Europe.

Had the British isles desired that maze of nation states in Europe, they would have stayed in and would have vetoed everything. Instead they’ve decided to stay out of the way of the necessary merger, thus facilitating a sovereign Europa.

A Europe that gets far too little credit for bringing peace and prosperity to hundreds of millions, many of them then impoverished, now somewhat rich europeans.

It is that peace Europe can bring to the entire world by standing up to the United States when necessary and its constant inclination to war, and by restoring that balance of powers that secures fewer injustices and thus general global prosperity.

If Boris Johnson manages even one tenth of it, then we can perhaps indeed enjoy a new era with bitcoin and brass, jazz, guitar, or whatever you like.

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  1. Maybe have the guts to put your name to that delusion?

  2. Jesus, as if I just watched a political party promo.
    Who writes this and why so much accent is put on the UK?

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