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Bitcoin Overtakes Stocks Searches


Bitcoin fan art, July 2019

There are now more people learning about bitcoin than about stocks according to Google search trends.

Bitcoin reached 24 out of 100, while stocks stood at 14 for last month in worldwide Google searches in the finance category.

Bitcoin overtakes "stocks" in Google searches, July 2019
Bitcoin overtakes “stocks” in Google searches, July 2019

This is the first time bitcoin has overtaken stocks in Google searches since October 2017, suggesting interest is beginning to return to the decentralized currency.

People however usually search for a specific stock, rather than just stocks, but the young in particular might be trying to learn what stocks are.

An 18 year old, for example, might not know just what is a publicly traded company, what is the stock market and so on.

Such 18 year olds are born everyday they say, so giving that relatively stable red line above with almost predictable peaks for stocks searches.

Bitcoin is a bit different because it’s a very new thing. So it’s not just 18 year olds learning about it, but many 30 year olds who might know about stocks, might not know about bitcoin.

Hence bitcoin’s chart is a lot more volatile, but it did see some stability between May 2018 and this May.

Since then it has been rising, with people seemingly beginning to think once more about bitcoin especially in light of crashing brexit pound and trade tensions in China.


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