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Trustnodes is looking for quality reporters with an eye on what moves and with a taste for a good story.

Experience is not necessary, with an awareness of the crypto space and what might affect it being more relevant.

There will be no interview nor formal test. All that is required is your CV and an unpublished news article or editorial emailed to

If we publish that news article or editorial, you can start right away on a freelance basis with pay based on performance.

Meaning there is no contract, nor minimum requirements, but gradually there will be a more streamlined process for you to present the article and for it to be published.

Freedom can be one of our motto. If you’re good, you’ll probably be left to do your own thing as you please within reason. That being within the general professional and integrity standards.

Your work will be checked before publishing, and whether we publish it will be completely within our discretion. One can assume however a bias towards publishing if it is of a sufficient standard.

News is what we do, meaning timely events of interest to a general crypto audience. Editorials and commentaries can however be useful to make sense of a bigger picture.

Pay is based on performance, which generally translates to the more revenue you bring, the more you make.

Foreign languages can be useful, specifically Chinese, South Korean, Spanish, German, French, and other major languages, but fluent English is far more important.

Other skills, including photoshop or webdev, can be useful, but for now quality news reporting is priority.

If you do join, you’ll become part of something that is somewhat unique in this space. A self-sustaining independent news outlet that is not answerable to any Venture Capitalist nor company nor corporation.

You’ll be working alongside a highly experienced Chief Editor who has been covering this space since 2014. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to advance as Trustnodes advances.

Feel free thus to send us an introduction, CV, and a for publishing news article or editorial to

Copyrights, image courtesy of Marvin Meyer.

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