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Thousands of Dollars Being Spent on Anti-Bitcoin Cash Sentiment


Troll farm

Some person, entity, or perhaps a group, is spending a lot of money on gilding negative comments on Bitcoin Cash’s main public fora, r/btc.

“At least $1400 per month is being spent to try and change the narrative at r/btc by boosting anti-BCH sentiment with Reddit rewards. This attack has been ongoing for at least 6 months,” a Bitcoin Casher says.

Going through some recent top voted threads, gilded posts – a rarity in usual circumstances – appear to be far too common in r/btc.

That’s especially if it is a heavily downvoted post, with the same poster at times gilded twice or three times down the nested thread.

Gilded negative comments on r/btc, August 2019
Gilded negative comments on r/btc, August 2019

That’s just one example, with the comments here being a fairly direct “attack” on BCH.

These gilded downvoted posts can also be found in discussions that continue that scalability debate, with what follows being a good example to illustrate quite a few things.

The context is that bandwidth is cheap and bandwidth capacity is increasing, with the argument obviously being that therefore the blockchains can scale by increasing the blocksize.

The poster above gives some numbers, but is downvoted perhaps because it’s a bit disingenuous. Bandwidth usually comes in unlimited packages, rather than per gig.

If however you are on the small blocks side of the argument, you’d think the point being made there is that there are costs to increasing the blocksize. So you might think the downvotes are unfair.

Now in this “debate” that kind of no one cares about anymore as BCH and BTC can just follow their own roadmap, you can cry “unfair” all you want, or you can – in a small blocker’s eyes – counteract the unfairness by gilding.

The gilding does many thinks, but probably the main reason they’re using it is so that people open the comment.

A downvoted comment, after some downvotes, collapses and becomes sort of invisible. You have to click the plus sign to read it. Something you’re probably likely to do if there’s that gold or platinum gild there.

It’s basically perception “war” with gilding, but who is spending all this money and why?

That, we do not know. Some commenters apparently have -1,400 karma on r/btc. It sounds like some people like to go on and on about the same topic.

That’s while BCH is about 2.5% of BTC’s market cap. Suggesting a bitcoiner wouldn’t quite care about it. Except maybe the ones stuck in the past.

This sort of information warfare, however, is becoming a mainstream thing. The Daily Telegraph, for example, had this headline recently in its printed version: “Army trains keyboard warriors for digital war.”

That’s a headline that kind of encapsulates much of some public “discussion,” especially on controversial political topics.

It’s also a headline that shows maybe humanity is evolving, with “wars” now one hopes fought with keyboards rather than bombs.

Before all this got to the army, however, it was developed perhaps organically by giant tech companies whose employees would naturally come to their defense when they were criticized on things like Hacker News.

A leap from that to paying people to appear impartial while being employed, was probably not a difficult thing especially for marketing or public relations companies.

With it all then seemingly developing into gildings on some forums to the great benefit of Conde Nast which is paid for these gilding packages.


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  1. Excellent report. Thanks. The people know the better. Why is BCH attacked so much? Wonder if it has anything to do with how useful it is, how it continues the original bitcoin (a p2p cash system) project, and how it threatens the status quo “store of vue” meme/lie.

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