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The Final Haiku


Haiku ethereum art, August 2019

“Is this some ‘end of an era’ kind of thing happening here right now?”

For months, an individual or a group daily posted a haiku under the statement: “I’m going to post a haiku daily until we’re at least at 0.177 on the ETH/BTC ratio or #1 on CMC.”

The ritual gave a daily smile to many ethtraders, a space that in many ways has defined ethereum.

Through the good and the bad as well as the ugly, ethtrader has been the space to party, to console, to art, to meme, to laugh of joy and to share price sadness.

So many babies have been born there. So many marriages. On occasions, elderly parents left too as ethereans told in the daily discussions.

The final haiku however was not posted on r/ethtrader, but on a new sub created by some disgruntled moderators without public consultation. Final haiku:

Donuts provide a
Self-sovereign community.
Can’t you all see that?

The person/s known as singlestateserenity confirmed this was the final haiku not just on the new sub, r/ethfinance, but also for r/ethtrader. He did not wish to reveal his identity, publicly stating:

“We all met up on Monday once we saw the news of the sub split and decided to end it here. Unfortunately we don’t agree with the decision these moderators have taken and will be moving onto other things.”

There were plans for a book, with some works of art already created, but apparently those plans are now scrapped.

Interestingly it appears donuts incentivized the creation of these haikus, with the haiku guy stating:

“Donuts seemed liked a great avenue to monetize content creation. With many of the moderators of this subreddit saying they are fully opposed to them and /r/ethtrader dying, I simply have lost the passion to continue to post.”

It is probably a bit far too early to say whether r/ethtrader is dying or otherwise, but presumably haiku guy felt compelled to not take a side in the sub split.

He may have thought continuing to post only on r/ethtrader might have attracted animosity from the spliters who appear to be backed by many leaders in the eth ecosystem, like Joseph Lubin of ConsenSys which retweeted a statement that said they were choosing ethfinance.

This coordinated push by numerous “leaders” for the new sub, has raised the question as to why did they really split, with one theory being an attempt to control the message.

As much is implied by the new mods who say they will be stricter in moderation, with the split seemingly being due to the r/ethtrader top mod not agreeing with the deletion of certain comments by some of the mods that left to r/finance.

Meaning this is a reverse situation to what happened in r/bitcoin. Instead of the new sub being created for freedom, it appears to have been created so that they can wield control.

On the other hand there’s always the problem of fake accounts that try to manipulate sentiment, with donuts so being an experiment to potentially address that aspect, yet some say it can have a corrupting influence if they’re not implemented appropriately.

It could also be a governance mechanism or at least an experiment on it, yet technocracy appears to have prevailed for now in much of the crypto space.


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