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Is Boris Gone Landslide and How Would Bitcoin, Markets, React?


Boris, Trump, G7

The sun has returned on London streets as Boris Johnson, the unelected British Prime Minister, once again covers our TV screen with the show entirely his for now.

He went, he saw, now he’ll come back… with nothing of course except for a 30 days window, which could be longer, the German Chancellor said, she meant a short period not some 30 days deadline.

Trump he met in a performance of Olio and Stelio. Showmen both, competing for attention.

Little of substance was said, but the show could hardly go better for Johnson. His first appearance on the world stage may actually make him globally popular.

Britain now has a man who can match or even overshadow Trump. The message of Boris, in many ways, in stark contrast. His hair are more yellow, and he is more of a bafoon, and his articulation of liberalism probably far more appealing.

Is this the right man not just for Britain, but for the world? Can he actually not just win an election, but landslide?

30 Days to Political Dance

As Boris swims, Amazon burns, protests swing, with plots and plots, in hell or heaven, times to come, the choice ours, now the choice.

That’s an outlier, but it turns heads. 42%! They have labour at 28% as well, which makes it nonsense, but aggregate opinion polls show blue is kind of detaching itself.

UK election opinion polls, August 2019
UK election opinion polls, August 2019

What is interesting about this is that now, no one is quite following them. Libdems have not been able to break through that 20%. Labour is not moving either.

That is probably because red Corbyn found it fit to attack yellow libdems, instead of going for Boris. So blue is off, while the infighting other two are sort of not paying attention to the swings of mood.

One reason for that may be that libdems started out very small and instead of having to deal with just blue, they have to outplay red too.

While red would rather not talk about Brexit at all except to hold off any potential challengers. So blue is racing off.

With this board, only a fool would not call an election, and fools are usually not very appealing to independents. Not least because independents may take to the streets if such monumental decision is taken without the peoples’ consent in a general election.

The rumored plan apparently is for a vote in parliament by the 12th of September. Then the public vote on the 17th of October. The winner then is straight off to Brussels the next day for a scheduled European summit where it is finally decided just how Britain leaves.

During that election, Boris would presumably flesh out just what exactly is his plan in preferably a detailed document, but the assumption would be a no deal exit, with a deal being a maybe.

Libdems would campaign to remain, saying something like no deal is awful and that there aren’t any deals more preferably than just remaining.

Labour on the other hand would probably talk about starving children or some nonsense, which is important yes, but kind of off topic.

While the greens would probably have its membership wonder why should they vote for them instead of labour if they’re kind of far-left, or libdems if they really care about the environment.

And as for the Brexit Party, their voters are already wondering why they haven’t just closed shop already as probably only the UKIP sort are left there.

So it’s Boris v Jo v Corbyn, with it probably quite an epic election, but instead of a hung parliament, it may actually be the case a decisive verdict is returned.

After three years now, the people generally know what is on the table. So a majority is probable, and there may be a landslide, even potentially for libdems through some miracle.

Labour are not really at play, so the question for them might be whether they can keep second position, but we’ll paint a picture of good and bad if the people return with a Boris landslide.

The Road to a Booming 2020 and the Beginning of a Golden Age

A clear decision by the British public to return the conservatives with a majority or a landslide settles the question of leave or remain, with all in no doubt Britain is out, and thus with negotiations taking out remain off the table.

A prepared Boris presumably so presents at the summit the skeleton free trade agreement, laying out the plans for a full on free trade agreement which addresses the border issue, with Europe changing something here and something there, but concludes with some grand statement of we saved the world and we’re best friends or whatever.

Britain is out, but it’s spun as for the better because Europe can now unite with Britain staying very close while keeping the option to join once Europe decides just how exactly it unites.

There’s statements about close military cooperation, intelligence, in academia, science, all that. Little has changed, except UK doesn’t take part in internal EU decisions, and likewise EU doesn’t take part in internal UK decisions.

Presuming Libdems are returned as the official opposition, they keep Boris in check, shouting at him if he gives any hint of not being utmost friendly to Europe, and so this thing is sorted.

British civil servants then meet American ones to integrate UK with USA too, so keeping the island both European and American.

Boris then returns to internal matters. Tax cuts. Off with red tape. Feeding them starving children. Spend, spend, spend. Get the Royal mint to tokenize gold again. Maybe even buy a bitcoin. Why not Boris? George Osborn did!

With a liberal conservative in charge of Britain, he can offer an alternative to the model of Trump, that of liberalism. Free trade, an international order, global collaboration, social tolerance, and caring for the poor, both at home and abroad.

The strategic matters so addressed where within the west is concerned, certainty so returning, the alliance strengthened as Europe unites, the wars in Arabia hopefully finally ending, well, there could be boom times, why not.

In addition it could be a golden age of peace and prosperity too because a rising Europe with a Britain egging it on and with America kept in check, there would be a proper balance of powers, and a strengthened western alliance.

Or Things Go Wrong

Fearing Britain would become too attractive for business, Europe might close the door. With no deal and with tech border check implementations needing some three years, they argue a physical border is necessary with the real aim being to punish Britain.

Aggrieved, America turns up the heat on EU with tariffs. They foment proxy wars too by say provoking Russia to do another Ukraine style annexation outside of Nato countries with the aim here being to dampen the spirit in Europe, and thus lower productivity.

Fed up with continued shenanigans, there are protests in both Europe and US as well as UK.

Destabilization continues, with a path to war set. History just repeats, and although plenty can see it, no one is able to stop it.

So we get that worst nightmare of those that are against globalism as they call it. These huge blocks at each others’ throat oppressing their people by fomenting fear of Eurasia or Oceania or Eastasia with continued occasional terrorist attacks or shootings to justify the oppression and the extension of propaganda, surveillance and so on.

Ours the Choice

The second scenario is arguably the current one, hence in part why people revolted both through Brexit and Trump as well as the mini ones like Slavini or all the other ones now.

That revolt in the ballot boxes is an opportunity to forge a new path where a united Europe flies the flag of liberalism and keeps in check America’s dominance with Britain being the champion of the international order, free trade, and so on, collaborating with Europe or with America to achieve the goal of peace and prosperity.

Meaning Brexit can be a huge opportunity if it is seen not as a rejection of Europe, but to the contrary, as the facilitator of a United Europe.

With the British pound out of the continent, the eurozone can then do what it has to do, with Europe then getting its own foreign policy, and so having some sort of marshal plan for Africa and maybe for Arabia too.

While US can then concern itself with Asia. Russia can be integrated in Europe too, although not formally, and they can concern themselves with Khazakistan and all that.

So you’d have a stronger western alliance provided there’s a Brexit that keeps UK close to Europe with a special relationship that keeps in mind UK might well join in a decade or two.

All of these scenarios would be good for bitcoin, of course, as well as for markets, because tax cuts and spend, spend, may give a boost. It’s unlikely any of them is good for the pound however because all that spend, spend, presumably means print, print.

They’re all printing though, so bitcoin and other assets should like it. Hopefully that’s accompanied with productivity increases too as otherwise there would eventually be a very big headache.

For now though maybe there is cause for optimism, for hope that there can be a better future. So maybe parliament should just be recalled and let’s get over with this general election.

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  1. You speak about Britain but fail to mention the official opposition to the Tories the SNP. They also want to stay in Europe like the Lib Dems and the Greens. and if Labour actually vote against the govt. then the Tories can’t win.

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