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Is Boris Johnson Fulfilling the 4Chan Bitcoin Prophecy?


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When the governor of the Bank of England said a no deal Brexit would lead to house prices crashing 30% and general unrest, most laughed it off as nonsense.

The shock decision of the unelected Prime Minister Boris Johnson asking the unelected Queen to suspend Parliament ahead of the biggest decision for generations to come, may now make the governor of the Bank of England the Casandra.

The unthinkable has happened. The Queen has already given the order, without a speech. Placing the monarchy into question for if she can not stand up to what may well be a dictator, then what’s the point of her?

A dictatorship in Britain is unthinkable, but so is placing an unelected Prime Minister above parliament, which is supreme and from which the Prime Minister derives his or her authority.

Calls for a general strike are trending. The labour aligned trade unions may well bring the country to a halt. Another parliament may be formed in a situation similar to Venezuela. The Archbishop of Canterbury may form a Citizens’ Assembly.

The world may well be met with the spectacle of Parliament’s Serjeant at Arms facing off against the police as MPs refuse to leave with the people out in the square and in front of Downing Street.

Smart we thought Boris is, but this provocation that may even risk revolution shows him instead to be stupid indeed for he could have just called a general election, so resolving the matter legitimately, peacefully and democratically.

He probably was betting the other side would call a general election through a vote of no confidence, but he has given the other side the most potent weapon: the suspension of democracy itself.

In addition, since the queen appears obedient, The Bullingdon Club aristocrat Johnson may well not give in even if the house votes they have no confidence:

So Britain is set to leave the EU in the most chaotic way as there now appears to be no chance of a deal and that going through Parliament because there’s hardly time in the two weeks following the Queens’ Speech on the 14th of October.

It is most probable parliament would vote down that Queen’s Speech, at which point Johnson would have no choice, but to call a general election.

While that election is held, Britain would have left with no deal. Technically thus, the referendum upheld, but practically Europe may keep common sense and keep things running as they are until legitimate decisions are made following the election.

Boris was polling well for that election, but suddenly everything has changed. So brining us to thy prophecy:

4Chan predicted bitcoin's price? April 2019.
4Chan predicted bitcoin’s price? April 2019.

Anon has so far been spot on, with bitcoin sidewaying at $10,000 as it tries to decide whether up or down.

A flight to safety from the housing market and much else may well make up bitcoin’s mind, with $16,000 in October amid chaotic Brexit perhaps being the low rather than the high.

A doubling in winter could well be possible just by Brexit itself, with the halvening then in spring doing its part.

So thanks Boris we won’t say because there are certain principles superior to mere money, like peacefully and legitimately resolving disputes in parliament, but goes to show for financiers there may be silver linings to a chaotic Brexit.


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