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Hot Mic Has Famous Broadcaster Say He Pays For Everything in Bitcoin


Jan Hofer, hot mic, bitcoin, famous german broadcaster, August 2019

The private conversation of a famous German TV personality was caught on microphone as it was mistakenly left on after the 3 o’clock news ended on a German public broadcasting TV station.

Jan Hofer, a famous TV news anchor, said he pays everything in bitcoin and his real estate tripled in value.

That’s while he was talking to another news anchor who apparently was teasing him about what fees he charges to present the news.

So it sounds like Hofer was joking about paying in bitcoin with his real estate then tripling in value to signify bitcoin’s volatility.

It goes to show that bitcoin is starting to go mainstream in awareness in Germany and in Europe.

While in America it is somewhat common for famous TV shows to reference bitcoin, even the Simpsons have and John Oliver dedicated a whole segment to it, in UK for example it is very rare, if ever, that bitcoin is mentioned on TV.

In America bitcoin has developed a lot more than in Europe as a cultural phenomena, but perhaps this hot mic is a sign the same might be starting to happen in the world’s second biggest economic block.


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