Google Searches For BTC Suddenly Spike to Huge All Time High


Btc Turk ad, Sep 2019

Google searches for BTC have suddenly jumped to their highest level ever both worldwide and in USA.

A very straight vertical line has sent BTC searches to double the level they were during the peak of the 2017 bull market.

BTC google searches spike worldwide, August 2019
BTC google searches spike worldwide, August 2019

The above listing by regions is a bit misleading because most of those five have a sort of “normal” chart where it’s kind of moving sort of as you’d expect it.

For USA, however, this worldwide chart is even more pronounced in that the 2017 peak is 25 out of 100.

The same kind of applies to other english speaking countries as well as some other western countries. It further applies to Turkey too:

BTC searches spike in Turkey, Sep 2019
BTC searches spike in Turkey, Sep 2019

Apparently a crypto exchange, BtcTurk, has taken out ads in Istanbul’s Sükrü Saraçoğlu Stadium as shown in the featured image above.

That however mentions bitcoin too, but there has been no spike there with all looking normal in the bitcoin chart for google searches.

So it could perhaps be some game or something else unrelated to bitcoin, but google doesn’t show anything non-bitcoin related when searching for BTC.

Maybe it is just bots trying to amplify this BtcTurk ad, but you’d think google is able to filter out bots.

Not least because we’re not talking small numbers here. BTC searches are above bitcoin, and bitcoin searches are above even brexit .

Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum searches compared, Sep 2019
Bitcoin, BTC, Ethereum searches compared, Sep 2019

So we have a bit of a mystery because it’s not very clear why there is this spike, but bitcoin’s price is rising today, as predicted.

With futures out of the way, btc is back to the price point it feels most comfortable for now, about $10,000.

Which way it will go remains to be seen as summer gives way to autumn, with all probably wondering whether that 4chan guy keeps continuing to be right.

One contribution to it may be this btc spike provided it is not just bots. In which case, whatever else they’re searching for, may well introduce them to bitcoin.



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Odd that when I look at google trends there is no such spike?