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Pound Rises, Stocks, Bitcoin Falls as Parliament to Go Down After the Most Crucial Election Vote


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Pound is up against the euro today by about 1 cent, or one euro in every 100 pounds. Footsie 100 in contrast is down by -1%. Bitcoin fell too from $10,500 to $10,000 before recovering to nearly $10,300 at the time of writing.

These movements occur on what may turn out to be the most important day in parliament for decades as after today, there will be parliament no more for weeks.

“In a historical ceremony known as “prorogation” to take place once Commons business is concluded on Monday evening, MPs will be summoned to the House of Lords to hear a message from the Queen halting business in both houses until 14 October,” says the Independent.

Meaning today is the last chance of having an election before the 31st of October.

It appears a vote of no confidence is not on offer. Nor a one line bill saying election on October 15th because the opposition claims the date can be changed. There will instead be only the election vote which requires 2/3rd of MPs to assent.

What they will decide remains to be seen, but labour has previously stated they do not trust Boris Johnson, the unelected British Prime Minister, to stick to the date he himself has given: October 15th.

They further argue the opposition should choose the election date even though prior to this election bill it was the Prime Minister who could do so as he pleases.

The constitutional nature of this election bill may also be questionable because parliament can not bind itself, yet which this election bill, a simple majority has done so by requiring 2/3rds.

Yet that is not the way Boris plans to go. Instead the current mess may well become mess squared to the power of 5 if this election vote does not pass.

The High Stakes Battle of Intellect

The market may well be running on outdated momentum because what will happen next is very unclear as Boris keeps on studying his Plutarch in a game of most highest stakes.

A trap may well be laid for red to give them what could be a decisive blow if they do not consider fully the effects of another abstention.

EU extension bill, Sep 2019
EU extension bill, Sep 2019

That’s the bill that was passed to ensure an extension. Subsection 1 and 2 refers to parliament voting for a deal or voting for no deal. If neither, then Boris has to do what subsection 4 says.

Subsection 4 starts unequivocally. Boris “must seek to obtain” an extension. Had it been left at that, then there would have been no room fo maneuver, but the drafters have overthought it, and so have arguably unbinded Boris.

That’s because he “must seek to obtain” an extension by sending some letter attached to the bill. In other words, “must seek to obtain” becomes irrelevant. They are saying he has to send this letter and that’s it.

It could have been a lot more complex if subsection 5 was relevant. That very kindly binds him to a specific date. However, the act says he must comply with subsection 4, not 4 and 5. So 5 is permissive, not prohibitive, or as far as Boris is concerned it’s irrelevant.

So Boris can send this letter as ordered by Parliament, and so abide by the law. Then he can send another letter and say that’s just a technicality, if you give extension then will block the ordinary business in Brussel by not nominating commissioners to create a right mess so that you have no choice, but to not give an extension because we want out.

Where the Blame?

Boris clearly wants it to be fully on labour because he has not actually given parliament the choice to call an election by utilizing one of the many simple majority mechanisms. He instead has given the decision solely to labour.

Why? Well because libdems may well have actually voted for an election, putting them in a very good light for doing the just and responsible thing.

Labour would have come out unscathed in that instance and with the option of taking no responsibility whatever happens as they could have said we didn’t vote for the election, see what happened, or if in their favor they could have ignored that bit and could have claimed all credit.

So Boris is now laying all responsibility fully on labour’s court because he knows if labour does not vote for this election, they will be blamed and fully.

Boris obviously can’t be blamed for doing what he said he will do: do or die exit. He can for the suspension of parliament, but not to the same extent now that he is giving the people the choice to decide just what they want as the prorogation will be seen for the election.

If labour denies such right, then of course they will be accused of being more anti-eu than Boris. That they wanted this, hence why they didn’t want to risk the people deciding otherwise.

Their excuse that Boris might change the date is of no substance for let Boris dare so. He knows full well those few thousands on the streets may become hundreds of thousands in that situation for such level of deception would court the anger of independents.

Nor would he gain anything from it. To the contrary, he would lose everything if he changes the date of 15th of October for agitating EU institutions by choice would give great credence to the narrative that Brexit is a continuation of two decades of war geopolitics.

If he has no choice, that’s something else. He was elected by the conservative party. He does represent millions of people. One can disagree with his views, but he has the full right of having such views and he does deserve respect too.

For at least he is honest in his stated aim. He wants out, deal or no deal. Labour wants what? To close their eyes, count to three, and hope this Brexit thing just goes away?

Or as they say, to get a deal, but then campaign against it. Like we are fools.

They want out too and if there is no election Britain will be out deal or no deal. And it will be labour that would have facilitated this hands in hands with Boris Johnson for a deal or no deal brexit is precisely what labour wants so that they can move on to talk about starving children.

They dread an election squeezed out by libdems on one hand and conservatives on the other with they as Jesus said: neither hot nor cold.

Thus they will not vote for the election and in what may well be against the will of the people they are to drag this country out so that they can have a chance to take power and Marxist Leninist Great Britain.

In addition, this abhorrent election law should have never been passed for the mere convenience of a now long gone government. It is unconstitutional too for parliament can not bind itself as this law does.

The people must instead enjoy a great carnival for democracy where a decision on Brexit is made in a general election.

The denial of such right will court decimation whenever the election does come for labour in particular would have been shown to care not for the people, only for power. Letting down this generation now for the fourth time or more.

Election now is right and proper for war and peace itself is at stake.

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