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Street Artist Makes $12,000 in Bitcoin Donations


PBoy art with bitcoin QR code

A French street artist best known for painting lady liberty leading the yellow vests has stated he has received more than $12,000 worth of bitcoin donations this year.

PBoy said he received 1.20 BTC through bitcoin QR codes painted at the corner of five art frescos in the past two years.

Only two of them still stand, with the vast majority of donations made in February this year at 1.16 BTC.

That’s when he hid a puzzle in the Yellow Vests art work with Antoine Ferron receiving about $1,000 worth of bitcoin for solving it.

That art work made mainstream headline news for adapting the classic lady liberty painting to modern events.

Other works appear to have received far less donations, with his main address showing just about 0.06 BTC have been received in total.

Much of his work so far has been accompanied by a bitcoin QR code, but not all.

Lunch on the grass, July 2019 PBoy art
Lunch on the grass, July 2019 PBoy art

These donations seem to have funded basic necessities, with PBoy publicly stating he had to sell most of the bitcoins for “living cost, art material and French taxes.”

So making him fully reliant on the general public being the patron, with it unclear whether Banksy is taking note.

Just as it is unclear whether this might be the beginning of a trend, with good street art usually just by itself giving a homely feeling to neighborhoods.

Residents therefore might want to promote the practice as it makes the area nicer, with the easiest way of doing so potentially being just a bitcoin QR scan.

That QR code can be changed, but bitcoin allows what are called vanity addresses. The bitcoin address in this case, for example, starts with 3PBoy, so you can be very sure the donation is going to the artist.

As far as we are aware, PBoy is the only one that is doing this at least to a notable extent, with the artist apparently taking inspiration from Van Gogh.

His bitcoin funds, however, seem to be drying up, but it looks like he has a number of revenue sources, with it to be seen whether he will strike more digital gold.


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