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Bitcoin Mining Farm Burns Down


Bitcoin mining farm burns down, October 2019

A bitcoin mining farm caught fire last week due to what some suggest was faulty wiring and bad power supply units (PSUs).

The industrial mining farm appears to be four floors high and seems to be located in Inner Mongolia.

Initial suggestions were that this belongs to Innosilicon, the biggest mining manufacturer after Bitmain. Innosilicon however has categorically denied it, stating:

“In the last couple of days, a rumor is circulating about a fire in alleged Innosilicon farm causing ten million dollars miner equipment loss. We can say with 100% certainty that the fire was not related to Innosilicon and there has been ZERO Innosilicon property or equipment loss.”

Marshall Long, a bitcoin miner who himself used to run an industrial mine, estimated the fire may have damaged 8-10 exahashes of equipment.

That’s about 10% of the bitcoin hashrate which dropped about a week before this fire.

Bitcoin's hashrate, October 2019
Bitcoin’s hashrate, October 2019

It is claimed this fire occurred on or around September 30th, with a new video coming out of China showing the aftermath.

Some suggest this footage might be from 2014 when an industrial mining farm burned down, but the latest videos show a far taller building.

It’s unclear whose premises these were, with the fire occurring just weeks after an industrial farm was flooded in August.


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